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I'm a novice comic collector, read them as a little kid, have maybe over a hundred comics and TPBs now. I read up on the Marvel and DC comic databases and scroll through forums, watch TV specials, etc. as often as I can, but I want be that guy who can answer ANY question you have about comics- Marvel, DC, Image- and not just about the universe. I wanna know about the writers, artists, publishers, inspirations, various products and such.

Where the heck do I begin? What are some vital collections I need to buy? Issues to read? Online reads? I just got Marvel Unlimited. What about learning about Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Bob Kane, and all the other writers and artists? I WANT KNOWLEDGE.

Thanks. :)

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The internet man. Search. That's where you'll find pretty much anything you need to know. Google and WIkipedia are your friends.

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Well, you're in the right place. I'm told ComicVine has an expert on everything that's ever existed in comics. I'm sure someone can summon a few for an info dump.

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Google or this site. I wanted to learn about the Avengers so i googled 'Best Avengers stories' and found different lists and went from there

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For Marvel, I highly recommend Marvel : The Untold Tales for artists and writers.

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A lot of what I learned (being able to name work of artists/writes) was from researching the artist's alley at comic conventions. I would just look up everyone in the list (on here) and see if they did anything I read, or anything I would like to read. (To get signed while I'm there.) I really learned a lot from that.

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Google wiki comic vine and a lot of coffe good luck sir

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Come to CV daily and you'll learn a ****load in the span of 1 week.

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My advice is to read as many different comics as you can. Wikis are great and all, but the best and most accurate knowledge comes straight from the source.

You should also talk to the various experts on the Vine. There are many knowledgeable posters here who have been reading far longer than I - and know a whole lot more.

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Well, first you're going to need no job and no life, then you're going to need to follow every instruction that post before and and after me. May the odds be ever in your favor.


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Start with the cornerstones. What characters do you like most? If you like say Superman I recommend All-Star Superman as an essential read.

When it comes to other details, you'll pick them up as you talk to people and continue to read. Just remember that you don't need to know a lot about it to enjoy it.

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this is the site to do it my friend. You can post another question like this and it will be answered. Wish you woulda seen the old quests on the old site. I learned a lot by trying to do them.

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That is great! \

You've got a task that's going to take hours spent reading and reading about comics for many, many years. All fun hours, though!

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I tried to... then i met a girl... then i told her to f*ck off so i could play skyrim in peace... then i tried again... i have moderate knowledge...

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I wish you luck on this quest - it's going to be a hard journey that's for sure. Me, I settle with my knowledge of knowing a little bit about most things.