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Anime is considerably different than the comic books. I think overall they respect the idea of things having a beginning and end far more than the western books.

The bomb I think had a huge effect on their style. Their culture of course too.

But just look at DBZ or any of the numerous scifi anime and tell me different. I don't think you can.

The atomic bombing, bad as it was for them, had a profound effect on them that lasts to this very day.

Who knows if their fiction would have ever included Godzilla or DBZ without their final confrontation with the US in WWII.

They surely would have had a different perspective of things now if they had won or got the US to quit fighting.

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I understand how the atomic bombs influence Godzilla and similar monster franchises, but admittedly do not know enough about anime (though I have seen some) to perceive its effects in that medium. I know that Donald Duck comics and cartoons were highly influential (perhaps too much so, resulting in a homogenization of art style in manga and anime not found in Western comic books and animation) on the medium.

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The nukes affect a huge amount of Japanese culture, from films to video games to anime.

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@lorbo: Well, naruto, bleach, one piece don't really seem related to nukes to me..

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@PrinceAragorn1: uhh...

Naruto has mushroom clouds

OP has WMD's

Bleach has mushroom clouds

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@Rumble Man: Oh come on, out of the thousands of jutsu we've seen, we see one jutsu similar to a nuke and that makes the whole show affected by nukes? Not fair.. :(

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@PrinceAragorn1: sasuke's atomic eyes

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@Rumble Man said:

@PrinceAragorn1: sasuke's atomic eyes

"atomic eyes"? wth is that?

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@PrinceAragorn1: design for magenkyo sharingan

@Fuchsia_Nightingale: Ah tetsujin 28, classic stuff

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@Rumble Man: Hmm. Every sharingan does have different patterns. They may have picked it up simply because it looks cool?

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dat look like a 'wheel eye' to you?

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@Rumble Man: Course not.. to troll a bit, it could be inspired from freemason hexagram :p

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@PrinceAragorn1: Don't see no star of david on that uchiha

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I think the Atomic bombs influence is still somewhat limited. Not trying to troll or anything, just that bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki isn't a completely unusual thing for Japan in terms of their history. Every 40 or 60 years you can cast iron guarantee Japan went through something tragic, flooding on the scale of Hurricane Katrina, quakes or explosion on the scale of Mt Saint Helen. It is the very nature of Japan to face volcano, earthquakes and tsunami every hundred years

What changed things really in WW2 is this time it was artificial, a human strategic response to Japanese attacks. What changed was in WW2 Japan allied itself with the German Reich and Japan had a terrible imperialist attitude, they were fascist against their Asian brothers and fascist against the West, they tried to cripple America's military.

The United States won a battle of strategic science and through artificial means created one of the worst catastrophes in Japanese history destroying thousands of military might and injuring and killing thousands of civilian men, women, children by dropping these new weapons on Japan.

This 'artificial' human made disaster was the profound effect. The Japanese today are leaders in science and robotics but they are also a traditional and spiritual people, they often eye technological advances with caution. Science and discovery of new power can help people and lead to many breakthroughs but it can also lead to destruction, this is what is reflected in their anime and manga and sometimes in the statements of their Buddhist and Shinto leaders.

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at Charlie Jade: Unfortunately this didn't dissuade them from plunging full bore into Atomic energy and place reactors where Tsunami's could take them out.All America had to do at the time of WW2 was encircle the islands and cut off all supplies for a few months or less and things would have collapsed naturally.Instead with the pressures at the time on Truman (the history behind this is incredible) we drop the worst weapon in history and let the government get away with the BS story we were avoiding American losses we would have incurred in a full blown invasion.So it goes two War crimes to stop Japanese War crimes..……