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Poll: I need your help: What is your least favorite of these New 52 series? (17 votes)

The Flash 18%
Earth 2 41%
Superman Unchained 18%
Justice League of America 12%

I'm planning on trying out 3 of these series (from the beginning) to keep my pull list down to 8 titles, but I can't figure out which one I shouldn't get, so I was wondering your opinions. Thanks for voting of posting.

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Batman by Scott Snyder.

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Oh crap, I thought you said least favorite series out of the New 52! Out the ones you list, I'd have to say Justice League of America.

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@wolverine08: You don't like Batman? I've only read the first six issues but it's the best series that I'm currently getting.

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Those four are all great books, but if I had to choose, I'd say Flash. Still a great book, just not as great as the other three.

Superman: Unchained has only had one issue so far, but it's Snyder and Lee.

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No, I do not like Scott Snyder's Batman. Each of the arcs have started engrossing, but ended with anti climatic endings that have left me cheated out of my money. Also, the book is starting to feel like a horror comic with stuff such as (upside down Joker face, etc.) Batman is dark, but you can't make his comic a horror one. I'm going to see how Zero Year plays out for the first three issues, and if I don't like it, I'll be done with Scott Snyder's Batman.

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@rdclip: Yeah, Snyder is my favorite writer at the moment and Lee is my favorite artist, so I don't really expect anyone to pick that, especially since its only had 1 issue.

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I've only read The Flash and Earth 2, and I like them both a lot. I have never read the other two and have no desire too.

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I would'nt drop JL/A/D, bc of Trinity Wars coming out. Sure it will be hell of a lot better than Age of Ultron.

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All those books are great, but I'm voting out Earth-2, I'm just in it till I know the new Bats.

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@wolverine08: I have not yet finished any arcs, so I don't know if they feel anti-climatic or not, but I personally like the horror feel. In my opinion It fits well with the artwork and the detective aspects.