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Greetings everyone.

If there are any fans of Dawn from Cry For Dawn, I was hoping they might be able help me. A while back I came across a painting of a woman who resembled Dawn sitting amongst some rather sinister, demonic looking Jack-O-Laterns. I can't find it anymore. The problem is I'm not sure if it was actually suppose to be Dawn or if it was just a woman who incidentally looks like her. Anyway, I posted this in the art section because I figure those with artistic inclinations would be more likely to be aware of such an image. If it helps, I think it might have been an Alchemy or Olivia piece of work. It's been a couple of years so I don't remember. Again, the woman (who resembles or IS Dawn) is sitting in a rather provocative position(legs spread), surrounded by malicious looking Jack-O-Laterns. If anyone happens to be familiar with what I'm describing, any info would be appreciated. Thanks.