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I feel the need to start this off with: I am Black. Not one of those "race don't matter" Black people either. I want my 40 acres and I remind people that Egypt is in Africa.. all the time.

Even so, Nick Fury is a white guy with an eye patch and graying temples. At first when they went with Ultimate Nick Fury for the Cinematic U, I was on board. I like Sam Jack (pre "Django"). But now the real Nick Fury has been erased from every form of media and I miss him dammit. Besides, when I look at the depiction of Nick Jr in comics or cartons, all I see is Sam Jack. I keep waiting for him to disparage muff huggin snakes on his muff huggin Helicarrier.

Anyone else want the real Nick Fury?

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Fury still shows up once in a while.

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He just had his own 13-issue series that was great?


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What I've always liked about classic Furry is how paranoid he was in being prepared for so many end of the world scenarios. I wasn't surprised how much stock he had in the Savage Land during the AOU series. But I do miss seeing the ultimate spy more often.

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I like Nick Jr as an Agent of SHIELD but I do wish the original Nick Fury was back in full. What is up to lately? I didn't read his MAX series so I don't know his whereabouts.

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He was pretty cool in the age of Ultron storyline-classic Nick Fury right there

But yeah I wish they would use him more

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Why don't you like Django?

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I want both, honestly. I'm fine with Old Nick hitting the bricks for a while while we round out Nick Jr., but I do want Jr. to be established as his own man with his own way of doing things and for Sr. to be that grizzled vet who remains a thorn in Maria Hill's side as he runs his own off-the-books version of SHIELD. But I don't really need Nick as an "active" character anymore. I'm fine with him being behind the scenes/pure support. The last time I cared about him in a primary character role was his MAX imprint stuff and that was a mixed bag.

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@edblank: He's coming back in Marvel's next event Original Sin to play a big role. Maybe a reason to be cheerful for you as an original Nick Fury fan like myself? :P

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I feel the same way.