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Hey im new to comic vine and the only comics i really read now are green lantern and the red lanterns. I was wondering if new guardians and the justice league are worth reading and i want to start reading spiderman but dont know where to start or what series to pick up. any suggestions?? thanks for the help!

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@concust: Anything with Joker. That's all ya gotta know.

But seriously, Justice League is a great start if you're new. it introduces you to a wide spectrum of characters in DC, and personally I prefer DC over Marvel.


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First off: Welcome to Comic Vine! :)

Secondly: I don't know about New Guardians, but as for Spider-Man, I'd suggest just going with the main title (Superior Spider-Man) first, then getting some good trades like Spider-Man: The Other.

Also, get a few Marvel Essential collections if you can.

Hope this helps. :)

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Those titles you want to read are all great. As for Spiderman, you should wait for a core Spiderman reader. The current spiderman series isn't exactly the best place to just hop in.


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thanks for the welcome and thanks for the spiderman help. i always wanted to get into him but just never knew where to start lol

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No problem, hope you like it here.

Yeah, when I wanted to start reading Captain America those Marvel Essentials helped allot.

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@sagejonathan: I second the Valiant advice. If you're used to the typical superheroism of Marvel and DC, they're a refreshing change to the superhero genre.

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@concust: Welcome to Comic Vine! :)

Well New Guardians got a new creative team starting with Green Lantern: New Guardians #21 - The Anomaly and although I haven't read it it is a good place to start on.

Superior Spider-Man is something I wouldn't recommend.

Green Arrow #17 - The Kill Machine, Part 1 up to Green Arrow #21 - The Kill Machine, Conclusion has been great and a new arc is starting next month.

You can hop onto Batman with Batman #21 - Secret City: Part One; Where the Hell Did He Learn to Drive?! it is one whole year.

Justice League is getting into a MAJOR event next month so you should pick up the trades if you want; Justice League: Origin #1 - Vol. 1, I would also suggest reading Justice League of America #1 - World's Most Dangerous, Chapter One I enjoy it much.

Suicide Squad got real good with issue 20.

Don't forget to pick up Aquaman #18 - Death of a King, Chapter One and Aquaman #19 - Death of a King, Chapter Two, I am also enjoying these very much!

If you want to try something other than Marvel and DC try getting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by IDW. That is so good!