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Do Captain America, Spiderman, IronMan, any of the Green Lanterns, etc, really deserve to be compared to human superheroes that haven't been in laboratory accidents or have 100% body armor that allow them to be the heroes that they are?
Nick Fury, Tarzan, Oracle, etc, have worked hard at learning skills that others like Wally West gained by spilling some chemicals on themselves.

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I think the real lesson of comic books is that we should all stand around in lightning storms, harass invertebrates and drink suspicious concoctions without pause.

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I don't know about you, but I always stick Spiders in microwaves and then have them bite me. No luck so far....
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@FadeToBlackBolt said:
" @PumpkinBomb: I don't know about you, but I always stick Spiders in microwaves and then have them bite me. No luck so far.... "
that's really normal
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You think you have it hard? I've been looking for alien technology to enhance my self all around the world for years! while you just have no luck microwaving spiders D:

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@kaliforniaa: I take your topic serious. When I collected I found the story of heroes with low or no powers a better read. Superman and green lantern are OK but not my favorites. That is why Batman is so famous. The idea of someone fighting crime without the aid of super serum or armor and just relying on pure skill is the true definition of a hero.
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I wasn't aware that Nick Fury had taken a serum, which is why I put him next to other people without significant abilities.
The question wasn't about whether or not they are all heroes, it was kind of an imaginary ranking. I think if you have no abilities, then you have more to overcome than someone who has a suit of armor that does most everything. Iron Man isn't really any different than one of those mutants that has a cannon as a prosthetic replacement for their arm. If Titania, for example had decided to hit the gym and the books rather than taking some serum, she would probably be a perfect example of a human superhero, if she had decided to become one.
I think if you wield something that allows you to fly, or lift over 500lbs with little to no effort, then you probably can't fit into the "human" category.