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I heard Dr Strange go his hands broken by hulk. I only know a little bit about Strange but can't he just like precieve his hands aren't broken or heal them with magic? Was Strange depowered or something?

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@OppositeOfYou: What about that precieving his hands aren't broken? Also calm down I don't know a lot about him so I just want answers.

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are you talking about his origin? when he was a surgeon and then became Sorcerer Supreme?

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@Jorgevy: Yeah I am refering to that but I don't know the extent of his power or anything so I just thought he could do that whenever he wanted lol.

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@Jorgevy: Nah, he's talking about in World War Hulk where Strange tried to make Bruce calm down to change back. Bruce took the extended hand, and transformed into the Hulk, breaking it, then grabbing the other and doing the same.

On topic: Strange uses his hands to form signs for his incantations. His voice is only part of the formula. He can cast some spells with his voice, but anything complicated or powerful, he needs his hands as well.

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If it was consistent (and these are comics books where one day Cyclops eyebeams do this the next they do that and Wolverine went from being 5ft to 6ft'2) Dr Strange would be armless due to Hulk pasting his limbs. But Dr Strange is magic, knows the Night Nurse, has Wong to help him and so whilst he got his hands broke by Hulk, he got better

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He was depowered several years ago. And no, he doesn't need his hands to use magic. He once stated that he only does that for "dramatic coolness".

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@/4donkeyjohnson.. Hulk wasn't trying to injure Strange for life or he could have just ripped his arms off. He was just proving a point that he couldn't be stopped by any of the old tricks. If you ever read Hulk comics from 80's on up there was always a handful of ppl who could always calm him down no matter how angry he had become. Betty, Surfer, Strange and sometimes Namor and Sentry was added to that list. This was Hulk's way of letting them know that he wont let them control him again.

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The hand breaking is poetic justice.

Doctor Strange was a surgeon prior to being a magician, who had his hands broken in a car accident, thus preventing him from continuing his surgical career.

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i personally dont think his hands being broken should have been much of a problem considering he is officially the most powerful magician in the world. but for the sake of the story i guess i understood why they did it.

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http://www.comicvine.com/myvine/hyperlight/... He hasn't been that powerful in a while.

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Strange doesn't need his hands. He already stated that it was for dramatic effects. He is pionically linked to the Vishanti so all he has to do is wish for spells.

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He needs his hands for some spells I'm sure and the rest of that may be before when he had the eye and all that

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He needs his hands for various spells.

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Oh that's right.... He's not Sorcerer Supreme anymore.