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if you were to gain superpowers how would you obtain them and what would they be

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If super-tech counts, such as Iron Man's suit, that's the most likely scenario for me :P

But I'd probably be doused in some freaky chemicals or get injected with some garbage that turns out to give me super powers, failing the option of Iron Man's tech. The least likely is that I'd somehow find a magic wielding person and she/he would bestow some sort of powers on me, or teach me powers that I could use but needed training to access. That's assuming magic exists, which it doesn't in the real world :P

If we're going by comic book universe logic, though? I'd totally get Iron Man to teach me how to build my own tech like that, or have Thor's friends craft me a ridiculous hammer of banishment, that can banish magical and extraterrestrial beings to their native lands if I so choose, and I would call it my banhammer.

"To me, Banhammer!"

"Face the might of Banhammer!"

"Stop! Hammer time!"

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Through a retrovirus.

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For me...it's gotta be a government experiment. My powers would be the abilities of the T-1000 terminator and Generator Rex. I would be a shape-shifting killing machine.

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I would probably be born with them, either that or a freak accident.

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I mistakenly eat the chinese take out that has haunted the back of my fridge for untold eons and would be granted the boon of immortality

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I would become a Super Soldier.

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Find a spider, make it radioactive, smear myself with tasty bugs and have it bite me.

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Genetic experimentation to intentionally create superpowers. Not from the government, I'd do it myself. Go for a version of the Sentry formula (minus the crazy). Test it through hundreds of virtual tests before using it on myself. Once successful, cause large explosion at lab and destroy all copies of the data. No back up saves, no possible way for anyone to find or replicate the serum's formula. Travel to Mars to fully master abilities. Come back to Earth once mastered.

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Invoke the gods

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I would study hard and then be an Aerospace Engineer...then participate in a NASA project, and then go to outer space...

then I would accidentally exposed to Cosmic radiation....

the Radiation would gains me the Power of Nuclear Explosion

-Energy Projection

-Superhuman strength

-Mental Projection, telepath

and somehow the radiation would affects my Brain and maximize it to 100% ( i know that it's a myth)

and I would process a SuperGenius-Intellect

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sex with the lady of the lake great version of VD

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I have had a plan to get super powers for years now. it is as follows: check the weather forecast...wait for severe weather lightning storm. Go to a big lake, get large aluminum boat, fill boat with; nuclear waste, radioactive isotopes, various chemicals, etc.... then wrap self in aluminum foil body suit and have cables running from suit to all various items stated before. get self and all items into boat, go out into lake/body ofwater and hold up long metal pole/lightning rod. when lightning hits, courses through myself and all said chemicals,etc..... and BAM! Superpowers!!!!! it's gonna work and everybody laughs at my plans. When i am the world's first superhero, who will be laughing then?????

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By hotblood and willpower alone plus a giant kick ass robot

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@cosmicallyaware1: Sounds more like you'll become a supervillain.

I've got a plan, but it's secret.

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@cosmicallyaware1: Your archrival, Captain Cancer!

As for my superpower, I'd like superstrength, flight and no longer need to eat food.

How would I get that power? A crazy sexy night with the Goddess, Aphrodite.

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I don't know about how I'd get it but telekinesis would be awesome. If you can move things with your mind and managed to train yourself to the point that you could move things on a molecular level you could do pretty much anything.

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I'd gain my powers when Frieza killed Krillen.

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If I had superpowers I wouldnt have to gain em.

They'd always be with me 24/7

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Invitro exposure to dark matter via a higher dimensional artifact that transcends time. So I'd open it today, but it would effect would across the span of my life all the way to my mothers womb.

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I always thought something like, aiming and training to be peak human and then triggiring a sudden mutation that would develop amazing powers was a pretty cool concept - super powers by the force of will and sheer desire

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Train hard in various fighting disciples all my life. Undergo a rigorous selection process to be the Avatar of an Elder God representing Warfare and bloodshed.

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I'd probably get hit by a car and somehow derive powers from that >_>

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mutation --- born with them

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I wanna be born that way...cue that Lady Gaga song...

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Inventing them would be cool. Cause then I would also be super smart.

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Dying in a freak accident, then descending back to earth a few days later with the power of molecular shapeshifting. My first story arc would be experimenting with my powers and trying to figure out how I'd gotten them.

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Through a Blue Beetle/ Green Lantern type of event were someone would give their mantel to me.