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Everybody has gripes about comics but how could you fix it? I don't think any permanent fixes could be effected without sacrifice, sacrifices I think comics might not be willing to accept.

1. If you want things to actually begin and end that would entail writers to make less issues. How are they going to get paid as much? Or at the very least stop recycling the same old story lines with the same characters. They would have to be more like anime or manga, and I don't think the western comic world is keen on that idea. At least not the mainstream DC or Marvel writers.

2. How do you propose to fix the gripes with comics?

3. Honestly I think the ONLY surefire way is the way of the superhero novel. Less constant cash flow yes. But the truth is, as long as cash money is the MOST important factor, the best stories won't be on the highest priority. The best stories are a labor of love, not done with the money being the primary thing in mind.

4. That's what I think anyway, now welcome trolls and debaters, have at it. Say what you like. That is what these forums are for are they not? Debating...never ending...debating. Personally I prefer opinions and humor myself, but that's just me.

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Batman wins...