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I decided to go for a long shot here. I honestly don't know how he would be but I want to hear your opinions.

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bad idea

what were u thinkin

inb4 thats a bad idea


u kid

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I don't want to watch Titanic 3

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I can dig it.

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I wouldn't want him bald and his performance better be Oscar-worthy. But mostly because he deserves an Oscar. Honestly, I wouldn't mind, though there are characters he would be better-suited for.

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Well Ben Affleck is Batman so why not try Leo as Lex Luthor.

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Doesn't really have the look for the part. Acting-wise? He has it but in a Comic Book/Superhero movie, looks matter (IMO).

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He's too...pretty.

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I would think it was a weird choice but weird casting choices have paid off well before

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This would be my reaction:

*cocks eyebrow* ... huh. That... that's weird.

*long pause*

... could work. We'll see.

PS: I actually want him to play Hush, but that's me.

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I'd be very, very.... skeptical.

But, hey: Hardly anyone thought Ledger could pull off Joker.

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He's a phenomenal actor in my opinion and I think he'd be able to pull of a young Luthor really well but he doesn't resemble Lex at all and is, well, too pretty.

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Pretty bad.

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@jedixman: i agree. Leo would make a great hush

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At first: What the hell is this????

Seconds later: Hmmm... Actually that could work..

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I won't like it old sport

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Lex or The Riddler? The Riddler :P

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Well, Leo is a great actor...so I'd be willing to give him a chance.

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well, at first I was going to say thats some epic trolling you got going on there.... BUT then I remembered thats not impossible...

(lets seee...... Jake Loyd as Anikan.... Hayden Christiansen as Anakin...Arnold Swartzenager as Conan... swartzenager as Mr. Freeze... Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face....that guy as Bane from Batman and RobinETC ETC)

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He is definately a tremendous actor and would play the part great IMO.

However, like others have said, he doesn't have the right look for it. Shame as I think he would do it justice acting wise.

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This would be perfect. A way better fit than Jesse Eisenberg.

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Leo would destroy this role. He would make you forget that he is a prettyboy, dude smashed the Departed, Crushed his role in the Island, I mean, if you told me when Titanic hit Theater's that I would be a Leo Decaprio fan, I would have said you were insane, but dude, Dejango Unchained, that is all.

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he would be great in it. i'd rather see him play deathstroke in a movie or zoom.

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He's NOT! It is Eisenberg! Get Over IT! :P (+)

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He's NOT! It is Eisenberg! Get Over IT! :P (+)

Yes Get Over it!!