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What would YOU do if you were given complete control over all future DC movies? Where would you go from here? What movies would you release? Who would direct/produce? As for me, I would use the upcoming Man of Steel as the 'Iron Man for my franchise. It would be followed by a Flash Movie (with a Hal/GL Cameo) and Wonder Woman movie along with a solid Green Lantern sequel and Batman reboot to set up the JL movie. (Secret Origins adaption with setup for Cadmus) The next step would be giving the lesser known characters, Green Arrow, Blue Beetle, and The Question, a shot. My Magnum Opus would be an adaption of Blackest Night.

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I would start from Man of steel too, but than reboot batman with a story and tone very similar to Arkham city, than I would release a wonder woman movie with her as an already established super hero in the universe (meaning we dont see her origin) also with the tone similar to the current wonder woman story arc. Flash and Green lantern both get movies but they serve mostly to set up their character and their friendship. Than a Superman Batman movie to test the waters, than an epic Justice League movie where we introduce Martian Man hunter.

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Man Of Steel

Batman Reboot

Justice League Movie

The Flash

Wonder Woman


Green lantern

Teen Titans


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Man of Steel

batman and robin reboot(why not since nolan took a crap on robin in TDKR we need to bring the real robin into the movies)

the flash

wonder woman

justice league

swamp thing

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Before every film begins people need to see some sort of comic book ad and a toll-free number for finding a comic shop.

Green Lantern - The Emerald Crusader - Green Lantern reboot similar to Marvel's The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Wonder Woman


The Bat - Batman Reboot

Justice League

The World's Mightiest Mortal - Captain Marvel film

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Man of Steel

Wonder Woman


Justice League

no waaaaaaays is another Batman film needed

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Man Of Steel (2013) 
Wonder Woman (2014) 
Green Lantern 2:Rise of the Sinestro Corps (2014) 
Flash (2015) 
The Batman (2016) 
Justice League(2016)

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After Man of Steel I would get a Wonder Woman origin film out there and establish her as crucial part of the DCU, I would reference Batman loosely and have nods towards Superman where needed. Next I would release a Flash origin movie and follow that up with a rebooted version of Green Lantern.

With Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern all out there I'd go against what was expected and launch the JLA movie, have an enemy such as Darksied or Doomsday and have Batman introduced halfway through to instigate the turning point, complete the trinity and save the day.

I'd have Kevin Smith write and direct as he is a massive DC fan and cares so much about the source material that he once threw away the chance to work on a Superman movie because he didn't agree with the changes the studio wanted to make.

So there is my vision, mix it up and just go for it, probably wouldn't beat the Marvel movies but would still show DC is a key player in the comic book movie world.

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I'd start with Man of Steel as well and focus on a making a movie where superman can finally be Superman. Have him fight giant robots, catch a metorite and fling it in the sun. Do everything and make it all part of a plot: Braniac is testing the Kryptonian to see if he's unique and powerful enough to be assimilated. End the story with an epic fight inside the Braniac base.

Batman's movie and reboot should feature one of his most fantastical villains like poison Ivy or Victor Freeze. Build the movie to gradually show a supernatural threat growing (not in the magical sense but in the beyond human sense). Make sure the movie highlights superior intelligence, planning and super-tech overcoming an inhuman foe.

Wonder Woman's movie should basically be a greek epic, have her slay Hydras, outwit cyclopses and journey to Olympus and back. And yet at the end it's a bittersweet story.

Flash should be his origin, well done

Same with GL, and not Hal Jordan. He sucks

Introduce MM in the JL movie

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@The Stegman: There needs to be an Aquaman movie too. He's a founding member of the Justice League. He can't be omitted.

@Crom-Cruach: I couldn't disagree with you more. Every Green Lantern character besides Hal Jordan sucks. He's the only interesting character out of the four of them. Guy Gardner needs to die. He's annoying. John Stewart is boring and Kyle Rayner is lame.

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I'd start, of course, with Man of Steel. So, obviously, this just released. From here? This is what I would do...

Man of Tomorrow (Man of Steel 2)

This movie would see another huge threat come out. I'd have Lex Luthor start to utilize his corporate power to find a way to harness alien power. He decides that he'll use the divine gods power to destroy "gods" on Earth, who have destroyed the planet and killed thousands of people. He plans to eradicate the new species. Trying to harness god powers, this brings in Wonder Woman to help Superman. However, Luthor is actually eventually able to harness the power of the gods and fights break out. Wonder Woman is beat nearly to death by Luthor in the suit that harnesses the gods powers. Superman manages to defeat him through much pain himself, as he is vulnerable to magic. Luthor, however, makes bail because he has the funds to get out of any situation.

The Batman (Batman Reboot)

This movie would show that Batman has been active since the huge alien invasion a couple months ago (this coincides with the Man of Tomorrow's events). Batman adopts his cape to find out about the Court of the Owls. This brings back memories of his parents being murdered and what he went through. Due to much physical and psychological damage, the Court of the Owls begin to win in fights against Batman. However, Batman manages to turn the tide and the Court of the Owls go to Central City. Batman tracks them down and joins a young cop to take them down. However, the Court, with all their surreal powers, grant the cop powers and put him under their control. Batman manages to remove the Court's control over him. Together, Batman and the cop take down the Court in the end. Batman notices that a date that the cop said he couldn't miss is about to be missed. He talks to him about it and the cop simply replies that he needn't worry because he'll be there in a "Flash". He leaves and Batman goes back to the cave where he finds the young boy he has just adopted playing with the television.

Justice League

Having introduced Flash and Wonder Woman in the Batman and Superman films, the Justice League film is ready to go two years after those films are released. The movie starts with the Green Lanterns fighting a huge alien threat, determined to head towards Earth. One of the Lanterns is brought with the alien down to Earth. The Lantern is killed after a battle in Coast City in which the marines show up. That's when John Stewart is granted the power of the ring. Doomsday manages to defeat (and seemingly kill) all of the marines. However, John Stewart survives. Knowing the magnitude of the threat he faces alone, he decides to go around on a goose chase to get Batman and Superman. These three all fight Doomsday. Doomsday, however, manages to beat all of them until Superman, in one last desperate action, throws Doomsday into the moon. Doomsday punches Superman into the ocean. Batman later says that he can't read any signs of life for Superman. Wonder Woman is shown fighting Doomsday again on the news. Batman says that he knows someone who can help and even made a suit for him. Batman delivers "Flash" his suit to come with Green Lantern and himself to combat Doomsday. However, Doomsday, in Central City this time, manages to beat down all of them, ready to kill the last man standing: Green Lantern. That's when Superman flies in and rallies all the members of the Justice League and together they take down Doomsday. Superman and Batman both promote his detention and decide to detain him in space. Batman and Superman also decide that is best if a team were formed between all of them should something like that happen again. Everyone agrees and the movie ends.

THEN, I would do spinoff films for Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern. I'd also have Superman and Batman go back to their respective franchises. After Justice League 2, I would remove Superman from the mix and have a Batman conclusion with Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Flash having all back to back films, one year after the other, to have Justice League 3 conclude the series of threes.

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BANE: Knightfall


BANE:Growing up is tough.


BANE: Secret six

And finnaly a Bane TV show






Green Arrow





I'm sure there more but you know

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Martian Manhunter beats everyone for three hours

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Batman Beyond

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Holy shit. DC has other characters. Just throwin that out there.

If any character needs a reboot, then give it to one who got a shit movie the first time. Green Lantern.

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Okay, finally at my laptop, I'm gonna change my answer so as to go more indepth.

First, I would reboot the all of the movies so that each movie could be planned with the idea of them crossing over similar to Marvel. Also, I feel that all the DC films have been too dark to really work with my vision of how a DC cinematic universe could work.

I would reboot Batman and Superman so as to learn more about the two characters through how others see them. With Batman, I would focus more on Dick Grayson's origin story and how it relates to Batman. This movie would achieve learning more about Batman through the eyes of Dick as well as a chance to hopefully change peoples misconceptions about Robin by updating him from his previous live action incarnations. I also would like to set the tone that this won't be gritty, edgy realism similar to Nolan's interpretation but instead would focus on the superhero feel from the comics.

With Superman, I would do a film that is similar to Superman: For All Seasons. Rather than focus on Superman and his origins and his becoming Superman, I would focus more on how others around him have perceived him.

I would then do a Batman/Superman film so that people can see that Batman and Superman can in fact exist in the same live action universe.

After that, I would create a Justice League film that focuses on the introduction of Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Aquaman. Superman and Batman would be "our" eyes in terms of meeting these characters. Doing this instead of individual movies for these characters first would serve as a chance to experiment and see how the audience takes to them. Also, by doing it this way, you avoid oversaturating the market with too many superhero movies especially if its a character that may not interest people outside of the comics realm. And if they end up being successful, I would then make individual movies for those characters.

If superhero movies continue to be popular, I would make a Batman movie that focuses on the introduction of the other Robins as well as Dick's transformation into Nightwing and a Superman film that focuses on his marriage to Lois as well as the introduction of Superboy. Maybe even one day, create a Teen Titans or Young Justice film for kids.

Basically, my vision would be something like an "ode to superheroes and comics".

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I would go straight to Justice League and then work from there. If it's a success, then I would make Batman, Aquaman, and The Flash and see how those do. If they are also popular then I would make Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Man of Steel 2, and finally Justice League 2. If DC's future movies are hits, then I would love to see a big screen adaptation of characters like Animal Man or Swamp Thing.

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I'd like to start by saying that while Marvel Cinematic Universe is kicking the ass of DC Cinematic Universe (primarily because of Disney), I'm still rooting for DC and what other possibilities for a future it could have in the cinema world.

Phase I:

Man of Steel (2013): Great movie, BTW. I give it an 8/10. Great story-telling, character development, and big opening. Yes, it's an origin story and yes, again, big opening for DCCU, but I like Zod as the main villain for the first one, as he is part of Superman's origins.

Wonder Woman (2014)

Batman (2014): Let's not have it be a reboot to Nolan's Batman. That was in an entirely different realm of storytelling the Dark Knight. But I say put Batman in here before Man of Steel 2, so we can get some more insight to him before he meets Clark Kent.

Man of Steel 2 (2015): If Batman and Superman are going to duke it out, then have it be Avengers-styled, where their different moral principles and motivations conflict, yet they have to work things out before fighting the main villain. And yes, there are still ideas for the main villain of Man of Steel 2, but I'm thinking Lex Luthor. Have there be some corporation struggles between Wayne Enterprises and LexCorp, give Lex Luthor an origin that the audience can relate with him (the original origin sounded a bit silly, but I like the origin where Lex's parents were abusive and Clark and Lex were friends before), and have Superman try and redeem him (this can also cement the Batman Superman friendship).

Flash (2016):

Green Lantern (2016): Don't bring back Ryan Reynolds. Have Idris Elba be the Green Lantern for DCCU.

Justice League (2017):

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EDIT: Nevermind! I thought this was DCAU, not DCCU.

Definitely Wonder Woman, Flash, and a Suicide Squad movie falling somewhere in between or after (with Waller, Rick, classic Bronze Tiger, Nightshade, Enchantress, Deadshot, Captain Cold, and Captain Boomerang)

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BANE: Knightfall


BANE:Growing up is tough.


BANE: Secret six

And finnaly a Bane TV show






Green Arrow





I'm sure there more but you know

Needs more Bane.

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  • Man of Steel - 2013
  • (no movie for 2014 bc its too late for that)
  • World's finest - 2015
  • Wonder Women - 2015
  • The Flash - 2016 (Barry)
  • Aquaman - 2016
  • Justice League - 2017 (bring back Hal and introduce MM via White Martian invasion)
  • The Batman - 2017
  • Green Lantern: Rise of the Sinestro Crops - 2018
  • Man of Steel 2 - 2018
  • Wonder Women 2 - 2019
  • The Flash 2 - 2019
  • Aquaman 2 - 2020 (leads into JLA2)
  • JLA 2 - 2020 (Throne of Atlantis)
  • Martian Mahunter- 2021
  • Barry Allen / Hal Jordan Team up - 2021
  • DC's Trinity - 2022
  • JLA 3 - 2023 (Darkseid)

10 years should be good enough, no? :p

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  • Man of Steel
  • World's Finest
  • The Flash
  • Trinity
  • Aquaman
  • Justice League

And then gauge who else gets solo movies by who people like in Justice League.

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Well, speaking realistically, here's how I see WB's plan:

  • 2015 - Batman vs Superman
  • 2016 - Wonder Woman: WW will probably be announced either at next year's Comic-Con or 2015's Comic-Con.
  • 2017 - The Flash: This film will no doubt test Warner Bros commitment. If they succeed with Wonder Woman AND The Flash, JL moves forward.
  • 2018 - Justice League: I can only imagine this film (if it's ever made :P) to be released in 2018 because Marvel already booked the top-May slot in 2017. There's no doubt that Warner Bros will be looking for the best time to reel in the cash. Also, it's likely that Avengers 3 will be releasing
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Personally I think making a movie franchise on DC is damn near impossible with how the universe is set up, as most of the TV series of the DCU seem to be able to capture it pretty well.

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Man of Steel 2 with a cameo from Martian Manhunter at the end.

Flash (Wally) with a cameo from Green Lantern at the end. I'd want to see Kyle but with Hal already established it would make more sense.

Justice league with the first 30 minutes setting up the plot AND introducing us to Wonder Woman and her origin. Her PEREZ origin. Aquaman would also be introduced in there somewhere.


Wonder Woman with cameos

Green Lantern with cameos

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Man of steel

Man of steel: worlds finest/trinity (villains: Lex Luthor and a sneak peak at brainiac)

Justice league: main villain brainiac, (leave darkseid for bigger plans)

The Flash(Barry Allen), cameo with superman, (they have a race)

Wonder Woman: Ares returns (villain: cheetah main villain Ares)

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) (scenes with flash, banter) villain sinestro

Aquaman: King of Atlantis (Namor)

The Batman (villain: slade wilson deathstroke)

Justice league: the legion of doom (villains- Lex, Vandal savage, Gorrila Grod, sinestro, ras-al-gul, Namor, Ares, Deathstroke)

Green Lantern: (Hal Jordan died in JL 2, John Stewart took over) (Villain: hal jordans old lover, forgot her name, has purple costume)

Flash 2: (villain: Professor Zoom)

Batman 2: (villains red hood, and return of the joker)

Captain marvel/Shazaam

Man of steel: Doomsday

Justice league: Apocalypse (Villain Darkseid and world army) (imaginary spoiler superman rises from the grave midway and kicks ass)

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I'd bring this this back..

Loading Video...

#28 Posted by i_like_swords (20606 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd kill off Man of Steel, and all the other Justice Leaguers, and give Deathstroke a solo trilogy.

#29 Posted by Perethorn (4693 posts) - - Show Bio

Man of Steel 2

Batman Reboot

Wonder Woman

The Flash

Green Lantern Reboot

Justice League

Man of Steel 3

Wonder Woman 2

Green Arrow

Teen Titans

Flash 2

Green Lantern 2

Batman 2

The New Gods

Justice League II

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@cc1738 said:

@The Stegman: There needs to be an Aquaman movie too. He's a founding member of the Justice League. He can't be omitted.

@Crom-Cruach: I couldn't disagree with you more. Every Green Lantern character besides Hal Jordan sucks. He's the only interesting character out of the four of them. Guy Gardner needs to die. He's annoying. John Stewart is boring and Kyle Rayner is lame.


DC advertises him in the front of their site to, really would be happy if he was given a movie.

#31 Edited by Justthatkid (5878 posts) - - Show Bio

Wonder Woman-2017 (Origin Movie)

Aquaman- 2017 (Origin Movie) Might have to make it a team-up movie heavily focused on Aquaman

(Mention Amazonians in Aquaman movie with origin, and Visa Versa with Alanteans in Wonder Woman.)

Green Lantern-2018 (Hal and John) (Make some connection between them some reason they know each other) (The GLC could already have them established as Lanterns just explain what a GL is in the movie instead of going for origins.) (Have one stay at OA and one at Earth by the end of the movie) The one staying on earth being The Founding GL of the JL. Would almost be like a buddy cop movie. Hal wise cracking sarcastic guy, John Tuff ex marine get the job done guy.

The Flash-2018 (Origin Movie) Have his powers go a bit bezerk here and there,

Batman- 2019 (If he gets severely injured in his fight against Superman have him trying to get better while my picks being Wrath and Red Hood are causing Mayhem in Gotham.) (Brings in Nightwing)

JL: 2020 (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman) (White Martian Invasion) is they use Cyborg in the roster I would use Brother Eye as the villain in a Techno war)

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More Batman and superman movies.

#33 Posted by DarthAznable (10327 posts) - - Show Bio

@justthatkid: Did you hear in Batman/Superman they're gonna have Amazonians be descendants or something from Kyrpton?

#34 Posted by Justthatkid (5878 posts) - - Show Bio

@darthaznable: That was just someone's speculation. I believe it has been addressed as false.

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see which hero other people like to see by making a toll, then doing it along with a rated pg13 movie about the spectre, whom of course is going to be toned down quite a bit. Wonder Woman is a must, but needs to be done well to please the audience for it is pretty hard to do a Wonder Woman movie, even selection should be hard, and because we have already made a batman movie, batman will be showing up. this one will be AFTER the toll one, but if people DO vote for her, then it will be great.

#36 Posted by MonsterStomp (24158 posts) - - Show Bio

Man of Steel 2

Batman Reboot

Wonder Woman

The Flash

Green Lantern Reboot

Justice League

I'll settle for this.

#37 Posted by djones16 (1 posts) - - Show Bio

Superman: Henry Cavill

Batman: Ben Affleck

Wonder Women: Gal Gadot

Flash: Neil Patrick Harris

Green Lantern: Chris Pratt

Aquaman: Garrett Hedlund

Cyborg: Dwayne Johnson

Joker: Nicolas Cage

Penguin: Robin Lord Taylor

Ridler: Cory Michael Smith

Harley Quinn: Margot Robbie

Fish Mooney Jada Pinkett Smith

Lex Luthor: Bryan Cranston

Brianiac: Jude Law

Darkseid Kevin Grevioux

Captain Bumerang Luke Hemsworth

Deadshot Luke Wilson

Slade Wilson Jon Hamm

Reverse Flash ?

Timeline starting right after man of steel

Man Of Steel 2013

Origin of Superman

Batman Worlds Greatest Detective 2015

Quick Origin of Batman, Batman movie that showcases the smarter detective side of Batman. ( villian - The Riddler and Fish Mooney ) Cameo by Superman - Batman watches him at the end of the movie (doesn't trust him)

Wonder Women 2016

5 minute Origin Story for Wonder Women. Portrayed as a tough strong women who doesn't take s**t from anyone.

Cameo by Superman and Batman - they meet up for the first time noticeable tension between them, alot of arguing between them, they hear a massive explosion and go find out what it was, cliffhanger ending

Justice League World's Finest 2018

Starts as Wonder Women left off with them going to investigate the explosion they heard. As it turns out it was brianiac and his army who has landed on earth, after being lured there fascinated by what Zod did in Man Of Steel. Team worked similarily to in the Avengers, in which they would have to overcome there differences to work as a team. (Villian Braniac) Brianiac eventually dies and the team then disband, as they needed to go back to the way things were before.

Sucide Squad 2019

Same Story as the Assault On Arkham animated movie. Comedic moments.

(features, short sections of Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn, Slade, Deadshot and Captain Boomerang) The villians of the film the sucicide squad are being ordered to collect something from a russian lab by a mystery person

Man Of Steel 2 2020

Following from the Sucicide squad movie Lex Luthor was the one ordering the squad around, so they could gather kryptonite in order to defeat Superman. Which was Lex's gold ever since Zod and Brianiac arrived, as he blamed Superman, because they came for him.( villians Harley Quinn, Joker, Lex Luthor, Slade, Deadshot and Captain Boomerang) They all die expect Lex and The Joker.

Flash Between Worlds 2021

Origin Of The Flash, Light hearted movie, with alot of funny jokes simular to the ironman movies. Cameo from Batman. (villian Reverse Flash)

Batman/Cyborg Team Up Movie 2023

Quick Origin of Cyborg, who after turning into a part robot, was used as a mercenary by corrupt gotham officers and fish mooney to kill the Batman. A couple of Batman/Cyborg, which batman will win due to his intelligence, even though cyborg overpowers him. At the End Cyborg turns on mooney. As they look up they see a massive force heading their way from space, as Batman gets a call telling him to meet up with the rest of the league, as he and cyborg get ready to drive off the movie ends with the words TO BE Continued on the screen.

Green Lantern/Aquaman Team Up Movie 2024

Happens at the same time as the Batman/Cyborg movie does in this universe. Origin of the Green Lantern, shows him training with the rest of the core etc. As well as the origin of Aquaman, including several flashbacks as to how his actions helped the other members of the league (like when he saved superman in man of Steel) Hal Jordan comes back to earth only to meet Aquaman, who has been alot more caustious about people coming from space since the events of Man Of Steel and Justice League, and they end up fighting, before stopping, relealising that Hal Jordan is Human to especially after discovering a larger threat in the sky, they see the Batmobile driving towards it and as they already knew who batman was they decided to follow looking to help out.

Justice League 2 Death in the League 2026

Last movie in phrase 2, all the members of the league gather to where this powerful creature lands as Superman introduces himself DARKSEID imediatly attacks him, leading to a huge fight between darkseids army and the Justice League, although due to being outnumbered they retreated to the batcave, where batman felt safe enough to reveal himself, knowing they are earths last hope, as well as he others revellaing there real identities. As they fight back Darkseids army, there is one last huge fight with Darkseid kicking the entire leagues A**'s be himself, eventually leading to the death of Batman, Superman was furious after this and took out all his rage on Darkseid in the final battle which eventually lead to Darkseids death. At the end of the film, there is a universe wide funeral for Batman/Bruce Wayne where a statue is created on the Justice Leagues new headquarters where they will look over the earth. As they are all awarded medals by the president, they decide it would be best to create their own team named the Justice League.

#38 Posted by Penderor (4715 posts) - - Show Bio

I would start to made some apocalyptic destruction of everything and then some reborn. Every good and bad guy is dead, and then two guys with no powers are born willing to continue in the works of the bad and good.

#39 Posted by MasterKungFu (6184 posts) - - Show Bio

Crisis on Infinite Earths, Final Crisis, Zero Hour, Emperor Joker, Infinite Crisis, Blackest Night, Brightest Day, Flashpoint

#40 Posted by Oscars94 (2843 posts) - - Show Bio

I would make Green Lantern 2 and fix it with better writing. Have Sinestro gather an army and attack Oa. Hal leads a counter attack. Epic duel. Hal wins, convincing the Guardians that he is the greatest Green Lantern.

Flash, just use the TV show as an intro.

Justice League (Darkseid and parademon invasion).

Suicide Squad (they escape from Waller's grasp and free supervillains from prison).

Justice League 2 , they have to defeat this army of villains.

#41 Edited by SilverPool (3050 posts) - - Show Bio

I dig the current slate DC's got (aside from Cyborg, I don't see why he gets a movie), but if I was unaware of the current slate....

Wonder Woman

Flash: Rogues (Barry Allen)

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan GL)

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis (introduce my boy, Aquaman)

Batman Reboot (Court of Owls based, my boy Nightwing is a major character)


MOS: Brainiac

Teen Titans

Flash: Reverse

etc etc etc WW2, GL2, Aquaman, Batman R.I.P, Justice League Pt. II, Shazam, Earth-2... blah blah blah forever and ever

Also, if I was in charge, Dick Grayson would get his own film before becoming Batman in Phase 3 or 4 after a Crisis storyline. Hate.

#42 Edited by Transformers1024 (6877 posts) - - Show Bio

Hire Bruce Timm as a producer/creative consultant.

#43 Posted by AmazingWebHead (6659 posts) - - Show Bio

Superman: since I actually LIKED, MoS, I wouldn't change much. I'd bring in more villains that could actually challenge Superman. Also, I'd bring in Supergirl and have Clark give the same lessons to her that he learned in the first movie.

Batman: He wouldn't be the centerpiece for one. The first villain I'd use is Hugo Strange. Robin would also still be there, and I'd make sure people knew why Batman needed him.

Wonder Woman: her movie would focus on her starting as a bloodthirsty warrior and femenazi, but learning to be more responsible and what "equality" REALLY is. I'd try to stay true to the mythos and bring in the important characters to introduce the public to them.

#44 Posted by Bat75Knight (5 posts) - - Show Bio

This is how it should have been



Last Son of Krypton

Amazon: Diana of Themyscira

Worlds Finest


The Flash

Aquaman: The Trench

Green Lantern Corps: Recharge


Justice League: Invasion

Suicide Squad

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract



Death and Return of Superman

Amazon: Eyes of The Gorgon

Batman: Heart of Hush


The Flash: Rogues Revenge

Aquaman: Throne of Atlantis

Green Lantern Corps: War of Light


Teen Titans: The Terror of Trigon

Billy Batson & The Legend of SHAZAM!

Justice League: Legion of Doom



Superman: Man of Tomorrow

Amazon: A League of One

Batman: Under The Red Hood


The Flash: Reverse Velocity

Aquaman: Death of a King

Green Lantern Corps: Blackest Night


Suicide Squad 2

Batman: Death and The Maidens

Justice League: Final Crisis Part 1


Billy Batson & The Trials of SHAZAM!

Justice Society of America

Justice League: Final Crisis Part 2



Batman: Night of The Owls

Superman: Unchained

Amazon: God Dawn


The Flash: Race Against Time

Aquaman: Rise of The Seven Seas

Wrath of The First Lantern


Billy Batson & The Power of SHAZAM!

Justice League Dark

Injustice League: Forever Evil Part 1


Suicide Squad 3

The Rogues

Injustice League: Forever Evil Part 2

#45 Posted by kfabz-23 (2142 posts) - - Show Bio

Wonder Woman



Justice League


DC Trinity

Flash 2

Green Lantern

Justice League 2

Suicide Squad....

#46 Posted by Guru_Crack (4012 posts) - - Show Bio

Would use Man of Steel as the starting point.

From there i'd go for:

Batman: Villain of Riddler or Penguin (Court of Owls mentioned towards the end)

Wonder Woman

The Flash

Green Lantern reboot

Then second phase would have:

Suicide Squad


Phase 3

Batman 2: Court of Owls

Superman 2

Wonder Woman 2

Phase 4



Green Lantern Corp

Phase 5:

Justice League

Talon: Court of Owls

got plenty of ideas about more detailed than names just haven't got the time to write down atm.

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WARNING. A** HOLE COMMENT APPROCHING. All of ya'll are dead wrong. DC needs to be retooled and grounded. At this point any Batman or Superman related stuff should be booted. Deathstroke and Flash should be the new DC front runners for a new more grounded DC. Followed by the Question and Etrigan. Hints of Batmans world as well as Supermans should be sprinkled here and there but they shouldnt show up until the first JL movie. We already know them. Bats/Supes worship has basically killed DC. THAN...WW. NO SPINOFF CHARACTERS. DC hasent even got the real heroes right yet so no need to thinking about Superboy or Robin etc.. Give EVERYBODY equal respect. No more Bat wanking. Etrigan should be treated the same and with the same respect as Batman. Ya know like Marvel does.

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@nightwing4: ^^^Than MM. Aquaman Should be booted altogether. Aqua lad should take over with his name being just Kal'dar. NOT Aqua lad. He should be DCs minority character. Than followed by a retooled bada** version of huntress.

AND THAN THE MOST EPIC VERSION OF THE GREEN LANTERN. GLs world should be like phase 2 or 3. Being the new HUD character at this time.