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95 % of the comics ive read was from the early 90s - till now. Comics past that period i mostly have knowlegde of from Wiki sites, discussions, reboots etc. I just read the origin of Hobgoblin which was from the early 80s i believe. Even though i enjoyed that story i could easily feel the pacing to be much slower than modern comics, i actually enjoyed the more simplistic art for a change compared to the very digital rendered modern comic books. However just like when comparing newer movies to older movies the stories and action feels much more slow, and i felt that i could sometimes become bored if i read it for longer periods, that and i sometimes find some of the dialogues cheesy and cliché - however to be fair, these lines are mostly only cheesy because viewed with modern eyes they feel that way, its a different time after all.

How do you guys feel the older comic books are compared to the newer ones?

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What books from the period are you reading?

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I read a couple of those early Spiderman omnibus books which contain Spiderman's first 50 or so issues and they were very cheesy and cliché. They were also much more self contained then todays comics where nearly everything coming out is part of a larger story arc. Nevertheless for a quick thrill they were quite fun to read but I do have to say the art of story telling in comics has evolved immensely since the silver age.

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They vary from company to company. Much of DC's Silver Age stuff is not much different than their Golden Age material in terms of writing. It tends to be episodic, without much character development from issue to issue. At the end of each issue, things almost always return to the status quo. Marvel's Silver Age books are a bit more advanced in terms of character development. It's true that most of the changes made to characters are superficial and short-term in retrospect, but at least Marvel authors respect the reader's attention span for more than one or two issues. A plot point might be introduced in one issue so that it can be brought up 5 issues later, for example (this almost never happens in a SA DC mag).

The Bronze Age is my favorite period of comics. Both companies really start addressing contemporary issues for the first time (sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't, but it's always fun to read). Real changes to characters are introduced that have lasting effects (e.g., Peter Parker's girlfriend dies, Hal Jordan leaves Coast City, Steve Rogers stops being Captain America). Yeah, sometimes the dialogue is a bit predictable to us but that's partly because these stories have now existed for 30+ years and partly because authors tried to be more friendly to new readers than they are today.

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The Silver Age was mostly... well bad. The Bronze Age was rather good.

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The stories from those eras were pretty over the top.

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Superhero comics began to become more imteresting during the Bronze Age. The SIlver Age was the ressurection but in fact the plots were pretty naive and immature (especially the DC stuff). Also the Cold War literature in some of them is just too cheesy. But they're some volumes which are well done. For example the first Silver Surfer series.

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Older books tend to have slower deloping plots with very campy plot devices. The action is much more subdued. Morality plays big in these stories and they do tend to be a lot more wordie.

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I'm a big fan of ec comics, like tales from the crypt and two fisted tales and such. i guess they would be golden age but can be gory as hell! agree that there is quite a bit of morality inserted into the stories but the best bits are the ironic endings!

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I didn't grow up with comics but I have checked out some stuff to get a feel for the history. Some characters I can only read from certain decades onwards. All Marvel heroes, I can only do the 2000s onwards, Superman about the mid\late 1990s onwards, Batman from the 1980s onwards etc. The only character I am willing to read comics from prior to the 1980s, is Robin (his back up features) and even then, its only the 1970s stuff. I can stomach the Golden Age in small increments but I cannot no matter how much I try, tolerate the Silver Age. I find the overuse of exclamation points to be irritating and since I read comics for character development its hard to read anything from before the 1980s (or 1970s at the earliest). I actually find the Dark Age of comics to be better than the Silver Age that is how much I detest that era. The weird thing though is that its only with superhero comics that this is a problem for me. I can enjoy old movies, old TV shows, old music and even Archie comics but I cannot for the life of me get into older, pre-Modern superhero comics. Maybe its a testament to how much the genre has changed. I mean the reason I can read Robin stuff from before the 1980s is because his character is virtually the same pre-crisis and post-crisis and as a result easy to reconcile with modern writing, the same cannot be said for Batman or Superman.

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SIlver Age had some really goofy stuff...I grew up on Bronze though so yeah.