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Many find themselves reading digital comics. This has risen due to great companies such as comiXology. Their app and others alike make it quite simple to purchase and read comics without leaving your home. Marvel has taken an additional step to get people's feet wet with digital comics. The four dollar comics that some view as being expensive now have the added incentive of a free digital copy to be redeemed and used through their site. I have become aware of the multitude of ways to get comics in a thrifty manner:

  • Marvel updates their app (available on iOS, Android, and PC) every Tuesday with three freecomics around noon.
  • Marvel has 99¢ sales on Monday and Friday. These usually have a theme to them.
  • comiXology also has sales regularly.
  • Each publisher on comiXology tend to offer at least a few free comics.
  • DC and Image will drop a $1 off the price after a comic has been released for a month.
  • IDW drops their price in HALF after four to five weeks of a title being released.
  • comiXology and Marvel accounts can be linked after sending a simple e-mail to their support team detailing your information.
  • Finally, SHARE!!! Some are still adamant about reading comics in print and could care less about the digital copy.
  • Also, if you have no need for the code Comic Vine has a trading forum just waiting to be used! Which can be found here.
  • If that's not your style, sell the codes on eBay for some quick cash! Just put a few dollars as the Buy-It Now price and set the shipping to free because you can send them the code in a message.

I currently have 361 comics in my comiXology account. I've only been getting digital comics for a year. Of those 361, I've only paid for 27, and the majority of those were through the 99¢ sales.

Just some friendly tips for those in need. I hope this helps :)

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Great post! Another thing to point out is, that with the exception of Marvel, the major publishers on Comixology discount their comics once they're a month old. DC and Image take $1 off the price, so a $2.99 book becomes $1.99 and a $3.99 book becomes $2.99. IDW is even better with their discount. Their titles go from $3.99 to $1.99.

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@impossibilly: An excellent point! Not sure how I overlooked that because I started buying Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles exclusively in this manner. It just feels right paying $1.99 digital rather than $3.99 especially when that is the price of the print copy. Digital distribution really has no cost to produce like the printed copies do. Marvel is the slowest to discount comics, but the make up for that with the three free comics a week.

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Be careful, though. You sign a contract to use the site that says the comics you lease (yes, lease) are for personal use only. Sharing is technically illegal. (But really, are they really going to catch you and your friends?)

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One shouldn't be so cavalier about these boastings. To each his own.

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@Renchamp: Consider them recanted. Never meant to be viewed as 'boasting'. The tips are the true highlight and what I am hoping to share with others.

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Wow... This a great resource and I will be posting a link from the Free Comics page of Comic Book Reader Guide. (After I add a few reminders to my calendar.) I think comiXology is just a solid app and the more I use it across different devices and platforms, the more appreciation I have for being able to just buy the content once and continue reading on different devices.