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Yeah, you read that right, I’m going to try and figure out how to make Liefeld’s designs actually work well. But first less look at the problems with his designs. And not I say designs, and not art. I don’t think anyone could fix that.

The Weak Points:

The weak points of Liefeld’s design choice can be narrowed down to one word, cluttered. His character designs are way too messy for their own goods and while he intends for them to see gritty and violent, they more come out as uniform characters covered in a cavalcade of weapons and pouches. It gets to the point where parts of the design that are meant to stand out sort of fade into the jumbled mess with all the unimportant add-ons. It’s why his most memorable designs are the ones not covered in a pile of garbage and really all of those designs were just Liefeld’s characters being revamped by others.

The Strong Point:

Yes there are strong points to Liefeld’s designs. Yes they are very, very subjective. Yes they don’t make up for the large amounts of weakness in the designs. Anyway, the strongpoint for Liefeld’s design is ridiculous over preparation. Yes I’m stretching it here, but that’s what I’ve got. Liefeld’s characters look like they’re just waiting to fight an entire small army and they usually are so at least it fits. Of course this only works with a very small amount of the characters he’s used and even then not very well.

So How Do You Fix It?

  First off, it’s all about the kind of character you want the design to convey so with Liefeld’s cluttered violent design you’d want a character that is very paranoid and prone to fighting.   Now what you do is you shove as many weapons on this character as you can, I mean maybe not to parody proportions but you make this guy at least have 8 different things meant to kill someone on their person at any given time. Also you take away all the pouches and pointless crap. The character does need to look cluttered, but not too cluttered; everything they have serves a purpose as a weapon. Now you can add something that makes the character stand out a bit visually, like say a really cool mask and suddenly you’ve got a good villain or anti-hero. Now obviously it’s all about application of the character, but if written to back up what the design conveys visually (paranoid, violent, obviously dangerous) and it should make a pretty good character. Better than the usual generic 90s Liefeld creation. 
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Make him draw feet. Over. And over. And over.

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First he needs to take anatomy classes.

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This is not about fixing Rob Liefeld's art. 
As I said that is impossible.

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Even that won't save it. Unless you make the character be some random person who has been stranded alone on some planet that could explain the Swiss Army knife-type costuming...

OH! There we go! Swiss Army Knife is a great name for a Liefeld creation.

Yay me.

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Holy Crap! I love This Thread! 

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Divinity Saint was the worlds most famous power squatter and tennis player, until a rival of hers Chastity Angel rigged her dumbbell to fall on her feet, cutting them off. Divinity would under go surgery to have her lack of feet replaced by tapered cyborg guns that have stealth modes. Now she takes a vow of not ever eating again until China leaves Tibet alone, and now with her overdeveloped thighs, tapered cyborg guns that have stealth modes, starved skinny stomach and midsection, and 10 tennis racket sword guns Divinity Saint will save the world even if it costs her... her SOUL!

The Mass wasn't always The Mass. His constant hunger was a problem, but his incredible intelligence and wealth was the solution. Building a special uniform that had dozens and dozens of pouches built inside it, The Mass always had a constant stream of snacks somewhere on his body somewhere in all those pouches. Beef Jerky, Almonds and Peanuts, Tofu, Hot Pockets, Mini Burgers, Pies, Macaroni. The Mass had access to it all. The Mass sated his hunger and now he is the most muscley mass of mass ever. Dude is huge and he gets huger cause he has lots of food pouches to sate his hunger.

Coming this August - Divinity Saint and The Mass #1 written by Rob Liefeld and drawn by Rob Liefeld. The world can't save itself, but maybe Divinity Saint and The Mass can save it. One starves, the other eats, one is a girl with girl parts and gun feet the other is a guy, a huge guy with huge guy parts. Exclamation Mark!

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@SC: The greatest Liefeld comic ever. :O

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His characters would have to:
  1. Grow feet
  2. Note that I said "feet" and not "foot."  Human's should have two feet.   Barring battle accidents and what not.
  3. Have waists that are large enough to accommodate both a spine AND a colon.
  4. Limit the number of guns, swords, bombs, and other implements of destruction down to say...twenty.
  5. Lose some of the pouches and get pockets.
  6. Only have hand guns and rifles that actually weigh LESS than the character
  7. Have upper body mass that is LESS than four times their lower body mass
  8. Never have something like an arm growing out of their crotch, or a tail growing out of their butt cheeks.

That would be a good start...

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If Liefeld was sober and drug free he could probably draw better. How do I know for a fact he does either of those things? LOOK AT HIS ART!!!

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Notice how if Liefeld is not drawing one of his characters they suddenly get better? That's because other artist A) can draw and B)tweak the designs so that they don't suck.