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Hey all, I know next to nothing of Tim Drake; I'm more familiar with Dick Grayson and Jason Todd as former Robins and characters in their own rights.

I know next to nothing about Tim Drake (or Damian for that matter), and I'd like to change that. Can anyone recommend a good set of stories that will help me get to know Tim Drake? I'd love to read his origin, a story that takes place during the prime of his tenure as Robin, and then something that occurs after he leaves Batman.

Thanks, I appreciate any and all comments and recommendations.

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His ongoing title?

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If you're trying to get to know the new 52 Tim Drake, his origin story will be coming out in September (Teen Titans #0). In the new 52 he was also never Robin.

For pre-boot I would recommend the post http://www.comicvine.com/tim-drake/29-9290/guide-to-reading-up-on-tim-drake/92-639547/#23. It has a list of his main issues and what happened in them so you can pick and choose. It doesn't cover his whole career though. For something cool after he leaves Batman I would read the Red Robin series, especially the first few which shows him loosing Robin, becoming Red Robin and how he changed because of that.