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It`s time to conclude, this string of lessons.


Okay, let`s say that now you`ve pretty much created the rogues gallery of your liking. Let`s pretend, that you want a little change of all those villains that your villain has fought against 600 times already. So, what do you do? You think that maybe you should create a new villain. But you are too lazy, or maybe you use some other excuse, to do that. So, what to do? The answer: Pit this hero against his fellow heroes villains. This is almost always something really cool. After all, there has been Jugggernaut vs. Spider-man issues, Dr. Destiny vs. Morpheus issues, Dr. Doom vs. Swamp thing issue (not really, sorry) and many other classics. But why do they work? Because it`s different from usual, it sets two or many more characters, with different ideals, against eachother. And, we get to know how the hero defeats this villain (or in some cases, villain the hero). Plus, seriously, they`re awesome!

Also, if you can somehow fit the villain to the themes of the hero, it`s even better.

Anyhow, 7. step is: Use villains of other heroes too.


Now, we can pretend that you have, say 5-10 arch-villains. That`s a good number. Really good. But, suddenly you get a great idea for a villain. It may be just a cool desing, and the villain itself is generic, but that`s fine. But, you may notice, that the second advice in this series, that I gave to you, contradicts this eight advice. You`re right. But, this is an exception. You see, this villain that you have in mind, will probably be a villain of the month. And that is actually a good thing. If you make sure that that villain will be a villain of the MONTH (or a few more). Because, some of the nicest (or not-so-nice) battles have been between a hero who`s deceats old and a villain who`s 6 issues old. After all, the hero knows squad about the villain. The villain may know more than that of the hero. Also, the villain may seem more powerful, or actually be more powerful. And following that fight may prove enjoyable. If made greatly.

But, how will you make this villain a throwaway villain? Easy. Make the villain retire from evil after the story. Or kill this villain. Or never use the villain again.

Step 8 is: Make throwaway villains, throwaway villains.


There are alot of lame, "lame", fun and ridiculous villains. Batroc and Leap-frog (Who has retired. Possibly.) for example. You want to use one or many of these villains, because you somehow like them. But how? Thusly.

In the case of lame and "lame" villains.

Show people, that they`re not as lame as they might seem. This doesn`t automatically mean: make them kill orphan kids. It means, that you have to find out what is special about the villain/villains (if you already don`t know). You`ve got to strenghten these parts. Or recreate them. Make them cool. Then, when you`re finished, make this villain (or these villains) fight the hero or heroes.

In the case of ridiculous and fun villains.

Keep them fun, and make them fight the hero. Or heroes.

That`s it. It`s that easy. Hopefully.

But, whatever you do, don`t make the villains too over-the-top.

Step 9: Recreate "lame" villains.

STEP 10:

Well, this is the thing. if you`ve read all of this, and think that you`re not capable to do anything of this, there`s another way. Again. Borrow villains from heroes who don`t need them. Who don`t fit to the theme of those villains, or/and vice versa. For example, a chicken hero can fight against a chicken killing villain, who was created to be an enemy of Couch selling hero. Obviously, the couch hero can do well without this villain, but this villain is an excellent fit to the chicken hero.

But what if the hero is not part of a comic-company, like DC or Marvel? Then pick up a villain like Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler or the pirate king Bartholomew Roberts, the pirate king (who hijacked over 100 ships, more than Blackbeard). Or maybe James Moriarty, or some other "fictional" public domain villain. See? It`s that easy. So, what is the 10. step?

Step 10: If nothing else helps, steal or borrow villains from others.

STEP 11:

Have fun with what you do, or it will most possibly suck.

Thank you for sharing a bit of your attention with me. It makes me feel a little important, and also that what I do, hasn`t goed to waste.

Now, for my faforite music of evil...

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Step 3!? boy, I've been away for a little bit...

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@The Poet said:

Step 3!? boy, I've been away for a little bit...


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Nice to see someone else mention the Dr. Destiny Vs. Morpheus issue in Sandman, one of my favorite issues from the series.

Helpful article!

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Thanks. I actually thought that it was nice. But it isn`t among my faforites, unfortunately. But that ending...I mean, wow.

Good that I was helpful.

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Thank you very much, but I think you`re overrating a bit.