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This is classic Thor .

Can he match the thing's strength ?? Or the hulk's?? Or the juggernaut's???

Can he defeat these characters in H2H combat??

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He could beat the Thing, I don't find the Thing to be too impressive compared to many of the big guys in comics.

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@g_leno: Ben beats that a$$ In hth combat.

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He would sh*t on Ben, Hulk and Jugg.

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Hercules. Not above.

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Batman is stronger

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Can lift way above 1000 tons. Stronger or maybe just as strong as hulk.

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He was created to be stronger than hulk but most writers now write him as equal or below. Maybe hulk can eventually get to his strength but his base strength is negligible compared to thor. Thor is equal to Hercules, they have arm wrestled before and it was a tie, but they moved the planet out of its orbit from the force of it. I personally find that to be his best feat but most people use him lifting the midgard serpent, which was said to weigh as much as the earth, or moving Yggdrasil, or lifting Asgard. He's definitely way above 1000 tons

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Hes around planetary. While he hasn't personally lifted a planet, he's matched strength with Hercules, who was able to hold up the world on a few occasions.

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The Hulk and Thor have battled to many draws and marvel goes out of their way to not have a winner. Hulk has no upward limit depending on his anger so if its actual weight lifting , then it's Hulk who can be stronger I guess, but Thor has more raw power.