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this isnt another goku battle I know goku isnt the strongest out of marvel and dc but I  know he is close so what rank would he be? please no fanboys or haters.

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his rank?


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@Dane said:
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Alright, I shall answer this for you.

First off, I will disregard any of the characters that would be considered Gods in the respected Marvel Universe. (There is no doubt that Goku would not stand a chance against Thanos or Odin; they make Goku look like nothing)

Second, lets disregard any of the power levels and power scaling typical of the DBZ Universe because they are practically pointless, as stated from Toriyama himself; "The whole reason to introduce them was to show how unreliable and meaningless they were." A great example is how many of the villains in the beginning of DBZ underestimated the characters by trusting these useless numbers and ended up getting beat. (Vegeta vs. Cui in Namek Arc for example)

Alright, clearly Goku is stronger than Spiderman, Spiderman has been projected to be able to lift about 10 tons. Where as Goku in Base form is projected to lift 1600 tons (As shown in 26th World Tournament Arc where Goku was lifting weights that were supposedly 40 tons however this could be because that since many believe that this took place on Grand Kai's Planet that the gravity must be stronger there which if you do the math and add it up would equal to 1600 tons.)

With that we know Spiderman does not stand much chance. The Hulk can alter his physical strength at will and has a healing factor which could be a burden on Goku, and it is possible that Goku's Ki attacks could not effect Hulk as his ability to absorb energy based attacks could come at a disadvantage. Iron Man? Well, I am going on a limb by this so correct me if I am wrong but didn't Iron Man create the Hulk Buster Suit which was meant clearly for beating the Hulk? If not, correct me and tell me the truth of it, because I could be wrong. Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thing, Juggernaut, Magneto, Cyclops, obviously don't stand much chance.

So where would Goku rank up with Marvel? Probably somewhere between Hulk and Silver Surfer. From what I know at least. If I am wrong, tell me; and I shall admit to my error's thank you for your time.