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My Top 10 changes occasionally apart from my number 1 which is always the same.

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I've been a fan of Captain Marvel since I was a young lad. The Captain has not been doing well since he was taken from Fawcett, but he's still my favorite comic character.

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my first is always the same, the rest usually changes

my top is always sabretooth

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Never. I'm super loyal to characters that win me over. :)

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Used to change around until I found my one true love, Harley. The lower numbers are still rather scrambled though, and generally depend on who I'm reading right then.

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My top four will always stay the same.

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whenever new stuff from a character comes up (movies, shows, on goings, etc...) and a new interpretation or development happens, that characters changes in rank for me. Most my top ones, barely change because they are consolidated (Ironman, Supes, Spidey, etc...) but sometimes surprises happen

Example: When I started reading comics I wouldn't even care about Aquaman, then with the animated Justice League he grew on the rank and with the New 52 he is on the top 10.

another example: Invincible. After reading a few issues, I liked the guy but he wasn't a favourite. Now, I've read a lot more, Im kinda hooked and he is definetely a favourite

so to answer it short - my top 5, I guess, will almost always stay the same. When I was a kid Spider-man was n1, now he isn't but he is still in the top 5. unless something drastic happens, top 5 super heroes and top 5 super heroines remain the same, with maybe a few trades of places. the ones after the top 5 are a bit more volatile and depends on the current affair and state of things.

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Mine are:

1. Batman

2. Spider-man

3. Agent Venom

4. Superman

5. Scarlet Spider

The only one that changes is number 5 really.

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Number one has been Nightwing since before I knew his name (I was three, I just called him "Robin with hair"), but Jason Todd and Sinestro have definitely creeped up, while Kyle Rayner has dropped down.


2-Jason Todd


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Mine was always Captain America until Bucky was brought back so now it is Winter Soldier as 1 and Steve Rogers as 2. But the rest keep shuffling around with Swamp Thing and Nightwing moving up behind them

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I tend to gravitate towards creative teams rather than characters, so it fluctuates a lot.

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it switches between hulk, spider-man and x-23

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i go with underrated heroes and and villains who are meaner versions of heroes so:

sabretooth and Venom as my top fave marvel villains. black adam and skallox for DC villains. captain marvel ,guy gardner, plastic man for DC heroes, wolverine and the punisher for marvel heroes and i'd have to say jackie estacado for indie titles

this would be my top ten never gonna change , always gonna root for character list

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Almost never.

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I typically maintain my top favorites.

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They have been the same for ages now really, can't say they change much if at all.

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@Joygirl said:

Used to change around until I found my one true love, Harley. The lower numbers are still rather scrambled though, and generally depend on who I'm reading right then.

Follower earned.

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I have a top 5 that rotate amongst themselves depending on who has a better storyline currently going.

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@YoungJustice said:

@Joygirl said:

Used to change around until I found my one true love, Harley. The lower numbers are still rather scrambled though, and generally depend on who I'm reading right then.

Follower earned.

It's often easy to see good reasons to follow someone based on the reason they had for following you. Hence, followback equally earned. ^_^

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@Joygirl: Thanks!

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When I first got into comics (September of 2007), it was the FF. Shortly after (about 6 months), it became Spider-man. About one year later, it became Thor. It has been ever since.

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Sometimes when a new series comes along a new character will earn a spot in my top favs, but for the most part mine stay the same. Spiderman, Batman, Spawn, Faustus from the victories i really dig, Agent Venom won me over, Deathstroke, Hulk, Deathlok.

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@JediXMan said:

I typically maintain my top favorites.

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My top favorites always stay my top favorites,I just take a huge interest in other characters from time to time.

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my top 5 are


2.robin(Damian Wayne)


4.Swamp thing

my number 1 will never change

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Never. Once I decide I really like something, I never change. It may change, but I don't.

Tim Drake has been my favorite for awhile now, but I have to say I have not liked him near as much in the DCNU. If he continues to be a flat tool for a couple of years, I might have to reevaluate, but that will be the change in the character not a change in what I like.

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I haven't changed my favorite superhero/character, Hercules, since 1982 and I don't plan on or see it happening anytime soon. It's been 30 years and counting.

The Thing was my favorite for about 6 or 7 years before that and he's still my second favorite character to this day.

I don't change my favorite very often.

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Once every few years but honestly...I don't think anyone is ever going to outawesome Midnighter to me.

Everytime I sour on him , he does something like this.

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@grenade728 said:

My top four will always stay the same.


Anyway, Batman's been among my favorite characters for a while, it wasn't until probably this year that he became my favorite character of all time. Other favorites include various DC heroes and heroins such as Raven, Red Robin and Supergirl, and other various characters such as Goku, Gohan and yes, even Winnie the Pooh. While my favorite occasionally changes, the character who gets booted from top spot always has a special place in my heart.

Favorite non-hero character is probably Nala from the Lion King. DO NOT JUDGE ME.

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not in like a decade ive always held batman at the top of the list but in the last few months ive been really into supes and kyle rayner green lantern but batman will always remain number 1

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My favorite has been and will always be Batman. But every few years I latch on to a character and read all the best stories for that character I can find. During and after Civil War it was Iron Man, then Green Arrow, the Jack Knight and for the last couple years I've been on a Daredevil kick.

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What lykopis said is spot on for me as well.

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My top 3 will always be

  1. Batman
  2. Superman
  3. Spider-man
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@Deranged Midget said:

@JediXMan said:

I typically maintain my top favorites.

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batman for life

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Top 2 will always be: 
1: Hulk 
2:Silver Surfer 
3: Used to be Hal Jordan. But now its Kyle Rayner.

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My Top 2 never change.

The rest are interchangeable. Current list:

  1. Dick Grayson
  2. Bucky Barnes
  3. Layla Miller
  4. Emma Frost
  5. Jason Todd.

That's if we're talking strictly DC/Marvel and not indie/Japanese characters. Then my list would be too much of a clusterf*ck.