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I heard this guy can go out of his comic.

Just how powerful is he?

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I'd say godlike. Mxy and Bat-Mite destroyed entire universes very easily. At the end they rebuilt everything they had destroyed and resurrected everyone they had killed. The ending even seems to suggest they have done similar stuff more than once.

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5-D. He can alter reality up to 3-D but he can't turn anything 3-D into 4 or 5-D. For example, he can turn a 3-D object into 2-D. His range is galaxy to galaxy but eventually becomes universal and if he pops from one universe to another, he can affect multiple universe from galaxy to galaxy and spreading it.

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WF Mxy is I don't even know how to describe him.

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World's Funnest Mxy is pretty damn powerful. He destroys the Multiverse, IIRC.

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dude...he and batmite fought with galaxies like they were pillows...

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Pretty damn powerful...