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People think since Mikaboshi is an aspect of Oblivion and that he annihilated most of the multiverse that Oblivion is all powerful.

However he does not have some of the best showings.

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Oblivion to be honest is probably 3rd to only Living Tribunal & TOAA

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This is a very bold statement made by jeanroygrant.

What do you think of this statement.

Where should we put Oblivion on the list of most powerful beings?

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it's one of Mastodon's best songs - I'd say extremely powerful

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Living Tribunal isn't second, actually. We have (uggh..... forgive me for saying this) Protege and Scathan the Approver ahead of him. And I believe a few others still, like HotU Thanos, Pre-retcon Beyonder, and so on.

Oblivion is more often illustrated a passive type of character. Although he must be immensely powerful since one of his aspects (Amatsu-Mikaboshi) destroyed 98% of the multiverse.

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well he could very well be the strongest of all abstracts , he represents nothingness & empty void & was there before the marvel multiverse (so was Nemesis the Infinity Being??) . In the end when Eternity & Infinity will be gone in the natural cycle of cosmos but Oblivion will be the last being standing since he is nothingness , which is simply indestructible

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@Deadgod: The thing that I've heard though, is that Living Tribunal and TOAA are abstracts as well, hence this is impossible.