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Are you someone who will search every copy your LCS has on the issue you wish to buy to find the comic you want which is in the best condition, or are you the laid-back comic book reader who just picks up the issue you want from the LCS with no regard or concern for the condition of your newly bought comic. Or are you in-between?

How much does it concern you if you buy a comic book which has slight cover damage on the spine, or front cover? If so, does it bug you?

I am just curious as to how some viners carry out their weekly "comic book shopping" and to what means, if any, do viners go to getting their favourite comic book series in the condition that they want, and perhaps share it with the community. Talk away fellow viners!

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Extremely paranoid has to be best condition they have if they have multiple copies, unless its a really old issue like i bought JLA. #8 in not to good condition just to read it

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Nah, I'm not paranoid about that. But those people wearing all black with tall top hats and goggles with mirror lenses that are always following me are making me pretty paranoid.

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I'm between. I want my comics to be in mint condition, but I don't scan the whole isle for the best looking one. I lucky don't have to because my comic shop scrupulously takes care of their comics. That said, I don't like damage on my comics AT ALL, so I am very careful to watch how I handle my comics.

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Not really. If the first one has a bit of cover damage, or damage to the spine I just look through a few others and pick the one that's in the best condition. It doesn't mater that much sense I'm going to be bagging and boarding them anyway.

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Don't care I read them then put them in a box.

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I mostly buy trades...I can live if it's like a minor nick in the cover, or if the pages are a little bent. But - and this is my biggest fear when buying trades - if the binding is falling apart, then there's no way I'm buying it.

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I just want to be told a good story. There is one issue I have that's actually worth something, but I didn't know about it until later.

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I always just take an issue that's a couple behind the first, to be safe. I'd never buy a comic that was damaged unless I reeeally wanted it and it was the last one.

I accidentally fell asleep and bent two of my comics pages by rolling on them, and was pretty pissed about it at the time, but didn't care after I bagged and boarded them.

So, basically, wouldn't buy a damaged comic, but minor damage on the average doesn't bother me.

Also, my comic store and the customers take great care of the comics so it's never been an issue.

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Not at all, I buy my comics to read not for future resale value so as long as they're in good reading condition and I can make out all the art I'm good.

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Not too concerned about it. i don't have illusions that 99% of any comics printed today will every rise in value so I don't care if they get dinged up much.

I actually read most of my books digitally so they don't clutter up the house. The only ones I buy in print are the ones that have unique panel layouts that look better in a full view than a panel view on my phone.

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I used to try to find the best condition one, I wouldn't want my comics to have any bent pages. So when I rode my bike to my LCS I brought my back pack and some comic bags with me.

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Digital. Problem solved :)

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You just don't get that feeling you get from holding a comic in your hand, that you do when you read a comic on an I Pad. Plus, it feels cool to look at your whole collection of comics right there in front of you.

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I'm a reader, not a collector.

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I hate when I get finger prints or grease on my digital comics...

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@wolverine08: I prefer reading a printed comic to reading a digital one, but the $1 drop in price persuades me otherwise. I can read my comics fine on my ipad, so that isn't much of a problem to me. The only printed comics I have are this 90's Batman one-shot and Free Comic Book Day stuff.

I know how pathetic that last statement was.

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I feel you bro, money is hard to come buy, and I guess digital comics are more cost effective. And yes, that last statement was pathetic. *facepalm*

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Not just comics dude. If I pay for anything with my money, I make sure that what I'm buying is in the best condition.

If you went to the supermarket to buy a tray of a dozen eggs, and had the choice to buy 12 unbroken eggs, or 10 unbroken eggs (and 2 cracked eggs), which would you buy?

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I buy digital so condition isn't really a factor.

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I have all my books sorted already for pick up and I have yet to get one that was in rough shape. I'm not too hyper over condition but I've forced myself to not care because when I was younger, I was a freak over it. Out of sight and out of mind works too.

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Being bent up just means it's cheaper.

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Interesting to see the various opinions from Viners.

Before I use to get upset over damages in the end(s) of the spine of the comic book, or even a crease mid-way up the spine of the comic book. I'd get more frustrated with a bent corner or two in my comic book, but after having bought quite a few comic books, I have realised I can't pick up a "perfect" conditioned comic book every time, I will still try to get the best conditioned comic book that my LCS has however.

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When its a new book I tend to get the best one I can find on the shelf. The shop I go to is relatively new and not that many people know about it and plus I usually get there within the first hour their open. So finding a book in NM condition isn't a problem for me.

But when is an old or hard to find book I really don't care much about the condition. A little story of mine is that I loved the Old-man Logan story. I wanted to buy the issues separate but the prices were too high (individually and as a set on ebay) so instead i bought the trade. But the other day I go to this comic vendor at my local flea-market and start snooping around. I find he has issues 66-71 of old man Logan...not complete and not mint (some had spine wear and some a little bent) so he sold the lot to me for $15.

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i just grab the top issue. i order online alot too and they always come great except like once. after buying i keep mine in bag n board. but i always seem to bend them while reading or cuz ill have som in my backpack when i go places. i dont ever plan to get rid of my comics so as long as they are in decent condition i dont care