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I was sitting here thinking about looking in my collection for something to read and was wondering how often- if at all- do you re-read your singles, trades whatever? I buy mostly singles and read them all at least twice but some of them 3-4 times. It's usually when I have a complete arc that I'll read it more than twice.

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Depends on the comic,my mood and if i have new reading material.

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I buy digital so they're always on my ipad. Makes me re-read them a lot more.

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Not usually. I have hard enough time as it is keeping up with all the stuff I want to read.

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I re-read something at least once a week.

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Not really.

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I read my monthly pull list at least 3 times.

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I buy digital so they're always on my ipad. Makes me re-read them a lot more.

Similar for me as well.

I learn something new when I reread stuff.

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I re-read trades more than I do single issues. Just easier for flipping through. I'd say two or three times.

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Not as much as I should.

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depends on the comic book , i've read Planet Hulk many times, same goes for World war Hulk

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I don't re-read individual comics often, because I often put them away after awhile. TPBs I re-read, though.

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It depends on the comic book.If it is a story or issue I love - I can re-read it.

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Mostly once if its an ok issue but if its really good or shocking then il read it a couple more times

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All time. I love all my comics, and always seize the opportunity to reread them.

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All the time. It's the only reason I have digital copies.

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I re-read both trades and floppies very frequently. I'm quite surprised that a number of Viners don't though, I thought comics particularly would be a medium where readers would reread lots, because it's a lot easier.

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Almost never

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Depends on the comic. I re-read a lot of my favourite series again and again e.g. New X-Men, Astonishing X-Men, New X-Men Vol. 2 etc.

Re-read comics a lot more on my iPad/iPhone.

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I read them multiple times.

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I mostly re-read the trade paper-backs. I can't re-read my single issues because I'm too lazy to sort them in order and I mostly buy trades anyway. I have most of X-23's adventures from NYX: Wannabes to the current Avengers Arena, I re-read those sometimes. Messiah Complex so far has been my favorite X-Event thus becoming the one that I re-read the most.

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I actually don't re-read old comics. Now actually considering this I might stop reading current comics and wait for them to become cheaper to save some cash.

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Usually I re-read or at least go over an entire arc once it's been completed (if it was good the first time round anyways)