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How much would it cost to bring back The Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Series?

Hey, have you given up yet? If so, get ready to be re inspired! If not, I've got an idea that could get us a third, fourth and fifth season of this amazing show! The reason why The Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Series was cancelled is this: Disney bought Marvel. Even though Disney has the rights to doing a Spider-Man cartoon and the characters Sony still holds the rights to the all ready existing episodes of the show, their distribution, and the character and show designs. So why don't you (or me) find out how much it would (or could) cost to get back those rights for Marvel and Disney and create a kickstarter account, set up a page so fans could help with those rights, and then send messages to people who work at ign, comicvine, iFanboy, and other comic book and geeky sites that would joyfully write an article about this kickstarter page, spreading the news to thousands of fans in turn. whos knows? Maybe one of us could even inform the generalissimo! Also you could post this on your facebook, twitters, and other accounts and ask others to do the same on their accounts! Then we could send this money to marvel and disney so they could purchase the rights to the show! Even if marvel doesn't immediately renew the show(which I can understand since they've all ready got a successful spidey toon on Disney XD right now) they could at least release a complete series box set with all the deleted scenes and special features that never made it to the original Season One collection. This collection would also probably do well with parents since it'd only be around 30 dollars and Spider-man popularity is at an all time high with the new films . Plus they'd always have the option to bring the show back after ultimate ends in a few years. So, interested?

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My question is what would it take to bring TNBA back? Anyway, I have no idea, it would probably be impossible. But if it were possible, I'd be one happy camper.

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@SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26 said:

My question is what would it take to bring TNBA back? Anyway, I have no idea, it would probably be impossible. But if it were possible, I'd be one happy camper.

Not enough money in the world, that show didn't get cancelled, Bruce Timm didn't want to do it anymore.

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the reason why it stopped was because Marvel bought back the television rights to Spider-man...they could have continued SSM but they would have had to pay Sony for the character designs and the rights to use them....that's why it stopped

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Marvel could have KEPT Spectacular Spider-Man if they wanted to. All they had to have done was retain the original staff from the first 2 seasons and give them the new animation design that was slated for Ultimate Spider-Man. If SS was giving a new whole new animation design and storyboard. it would have done very well. Instead, they cancelled it because they wanted to do their Ultimate Spider-Man so badly.

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Even if you could get the money, it wouldn't happen as much as I'd want it to.