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Okay, I really am new to this whole comic book gig so I don't know if what I just did was seriously dumb or not. Here're my questions to you all:

What is the most you have ever paid for a single issue?

Which issue?

And why?

I'll start coz it's my purchase that started me off on thinking about this.

Birds of Prey Issue 8 - $40 coz it's the first time Dick and Babs get together and they're just so cute together, plus the cover is gorgeous

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I'm more into buying CGC graded comics if I'm going to buy an older one. That way I know how much it's worth. One of my better buys was Amazing Spider-Man 36 (the World Trade Center issue) for like $25. Wizard has it listed at around $130 now. I really should get my Amazing Spidey #300 graded.

I've also been buying comics since like 1984. I have most of the "hot" back issues. It's tempting to want to buy some of the older ones but my money's pretty much being spent on keeping up with all the new issues.

Hmmm...guess I didn't help too much. I guess I wouldn't want to spend more than like $40-$50 if I was getting a good deal and it was something I really wanted.

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Post Deleted.

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I paid $80 for Fantastic Four #48. I found it in what looked like a long forgotten box under a table at a convention. I had CGC grade it @ a 6.9 the very same day. I'm not really into the whole collecting part of comics but I couldn't pass this baby up.

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Post Deleted.

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i paid 40$ for a superman issue.it showed him with kryptinite chains around him and he was breaking it so it looked interseting

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Wonder how much people are paying for Cap 25? I saw some high prices on ebay. I think I'm gonna get me a CGC'd one. A second printing comes out on the 28th. Will people still care about a first printing?

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Probly Amazing Spider-Man 300 signed by McFarlane, I won't say how much, I will say it has depreciated.

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I have a nice copy of that. I wanna get it graded but the whole submiting to CGC process seems kinda confusing. Someday I'll have to sit down and really read their website.

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Have to admit that I don't really understand CGC and the way they do it. It's confusing. Not sure I'm that serious a collector to fork out for the extra hassle of having it graded.

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I bought a NM issue of Avengers Annual #7 [Thanos War]

back in 1993 and paid $47 dollars for it...

...and I felt like I had stolen it. Still do!

Mine looks better than this one, I should probably scan mine into ComicVine...

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For new $3 or more but after that who knows, I've paid 30 for a deadpool one time.

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This is gonna sound sad but-

15 bucks on a bad condition Hulk from 1968.

I don't have a lot of spending cash, okay?

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I'll be honest with you Stone I am not a big collector of comics per se I prefer books such as The Marvle Encyclopedia witch I am buying this friday for about 50 bucks after tax but believe you me its worth it.