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How much have you improved these minutes/days/months/years as a Viner?

I used to think Wolverine could beat Hulk...And Spider-man could beat Superman and Nightwing could be Raven... Now I know a lot more knowledge of comics.

What about you? =3 <3


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I changed A LOT from my rookie days here at CV.

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I learned to just stay out of it.

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Haven't changed a bit.

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Just starting out, so I'll probably get better after I've vented a few posts about overrated's and impracticalities.

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@Strafe Prower said: h

I changed A LOT from my rookie days here at CV.

This, god i was such a noob. I have no idea how i changed so much but i'm glad i did

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I was such a goddamn noob in my beginning days.