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I know that it has once by the Chaos Wave but I'd like to know if it has been obliterated more than once, if so then what happened and are there scans for it.

BQ: Are there Multiversal destructions on scan? other than ones done by Beyonder, UN, HOTU Thanos

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Well its never been totally destroyed since there was always something left to restore it. Also it was the multiverse, the Omniverse is the sum total of everything, its the plot device that allows for inter company crossovers

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@joshmightbe: Well are you able to name a time when it got destroyed and restored? other than the Chaos Wave event

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@Ghostodoofus: Not really does the Infinity Gauntlet arc count?

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I don't think its ever been done.. in any event. Marvel comics rarely crosses over to other universes, outside of FF that is. Even during Chaos War it only appeared in the 616 universe, I could be wrong its been a long time since I read it. I think the closest it might have ever come was during Marvel's The End when Thanos became the Supreme Being and destroyed all reality, but then that wasn't multiversal because Adam Warlock survived.

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@Nova`Prime`: Yeah, but Adam Warlock was hanging out in that weird place where Atleza lives, which, IIRC, is supposed to be the foundation that supports the whole multiverse, so not really a part of it.

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@joshmightbe said:

@Ghostodoofus: Not really does the Infinity Gauntlet arc count?

He never destroyed the universe with the Infinity Gauntlet. You might be thinking of the Heart of the Universe.

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Not to spoil it, but doesn't Deadpool do this in his recent event where he basically finds his way to the Marvel offices and supposedly slaughters everyone?