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I'm sure that the vast majority of your friends do not read comics. What I'm interested to know is how many of your friends have you, Viners, personally gotten into reading comic books?

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Me, my wife, and my twin brother got into comics last year with Marven NOW! and I haven't felt the need to get anyone else to join us.

P.S. I've read comics all my life through trades at the library and sitting around Borders when that was around but never got into the actual collecting part until recently.

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Working on it

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One. But I got my girlfriend into watching Arrow so I'm happy. And my ex I got into Teen Wolf so I'm working on it. I did have one of my homies obssessed with Justice League Unlimited.

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I get a lot of people interested but they won't go buy comics, no matter how much they like them

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I've gotten one into the New 52 cause we used to call him "Movies" at lunch and he would get mad lol.

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I'm getting my friend Terrell into it n*gga stubborn though.

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I got my closest friend into it with Saga, my teacher again with Saga, my other friend into it thanks to Kingdom Come. Overall I think since that is the thing that makes me happiest when I talk about it people seem to be interested. I have had a couple others ask to recommend them something. I found out while pursuing a "cool" girl at school that she was into comics previously thanks to her brother and now that she's my girlfriend I give her some titles to read like Saga and TMNT.

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None of them. I was a convert myself.

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None. My friend got me into comics. Out of all the people he's converted, I think I'm the only one who still reads comics.

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Zero, kind of. But at the same time, a lot. I returned to my old sleep away camp this passed sumer and brought a TON of GN's and trades to read during my off time. I got almost all of my (guy) friends and the a lot of the boy campers constantly asking me to read comics, to which I'd let them. This went on the whole summer, approx 9 weeks. Of the 30 or so people who read my books only one continues to read. But he only reads certain trades such as The Walking Dead, Saga, Chew and Manhattan Projects.

In the end I say zero because I still don't have anyone outside of CV to discuss comics with and it upsets me.

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One? 13

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I've made my dad like dc he was a huge marvel reader as a kid

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Only one guy,my best friend.

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I've gotten my two brothers to read comics from time to time but it hasn't stuck.

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Out of the 10 people I have attempted the number of friends who genuinely got into comics is.... NONE!


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Both of my best friends dislike comics. One thinks it's childish, stupid and I need to grow up

I have quite a few friends like that, BUT I converted two people that had this very opinion into reading some comics (TPBs), though they don't follow current storylines.

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Well, I have a friend that watches Walking Dead and I convinced him that the comics are 10 times better, Also I make him bought Flash but he dropped it. Another friend bought Batman but he dropped it. My brother sometimes reads my comics and he bough trades that he thinks that are the best, Also he still buys Scott Snyder Batman not because he loves to read them but he loves to collect them.

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only 1 & even then he only reads them if i buy comics & give him to read

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3 of my friends. Kind of. They were kind of already into comics but they knew next to nothing about them cause they only read like 1 comic in their life and just read wikepedia and the cartoons. I enhanced their knowledge on comic books and got them into reading a lot. 4 if you include my brother.

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Only one

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i got my roommates into invincible and the darkness , i see that as a accomplishment .

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Like one guy

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I've gotten my two brothers to read comics from time to time but it hasn't stuck.

Same happened with me.

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3 or 4

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None haha

Why do you think I live on this forum? No one to talk comics with in my real life.

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I only gotten my sister involved in comics and I regretted it ever since, only thing she does is complain. Her complaints are mostly over the teen superheroes which makes it even worst because I have no interest in those characters.

I don't talk about comics with anyone else, because I know my friends aren't interested anyways.

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None. Comics are a small part of my life which none of my friends care about so we talk about topics that we are all mutually interested.

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None. My friends are like how most other people are right now with comics...more interested in the movie adaptation than the actual comics themselves. But I can talk to them about chracthers they are not too familiar about but after that its hard to really get them devoted fully into comics.

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I cant get them into DC and MARVEL, but Y THE LAST MAN works like a charm.

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2....and it was hard work,i tell ya!

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2....and it was hard work,i tell ya!

YES! I know it is. Do they follow current stories...or are they more interested in trades?

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None i don't have any friend that has any single interest to comics :/

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@punyparker said:

2....and it was hard work,i tell ya!

YES! I know it is. Do they follow current stories...or are they more interested in trades?

The one i got generally into comic books,the other i got into Spidey....so....current stories wouldnt help to know the character.....y'know...Ock and sh!t....
He reads Bendis's Ultimate Spider-Man.