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this may have already been done but how many do you usually buy? i just started and bought 6 comics with story arcs just starting(Marvel: heroic age/shadowland)..i have finished all the comic books and was wondering how much you usually buy when you go to your local comic shop. Also i plan on reading war of the supermen because of another post of mine..

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@Grandma's Boy: LOL. Not as many comics as you buy. I usually buy only two issues every visit and get trade paper backs while on big vacations at the store or online.
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I forgot to add why i am asking...well as you read in my last post i have just started but i read all the comics that i bought already within 1 day..Although they were great reads (imo) i feel like i could read alot more and keep up with all of them seeing as how most of them don't come out with issue #2 until next month..i just want to know how many comics you read each month? is it ALOT more than mine? and do you read them in one sitting or wait a week to read them...i think i could read like 30 comic books and still keep up with what is going on in each comic and just wanted to know the avg. amount of comic books that are read by someone...anyways please leave you answer..much appreciated

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it depends what comes out ive seen my self buying the same as you and i started when i was 11 ( full collecting since last september) some weeks i get nothing 

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@darkxman123: well lets say there is a new story arc like heroic age..do you buy all comics connected with the heroic age   (also if you had the moneywould you?) or would you wait until issue #2 came out...ill say that each comic takes me about 20-30 minutes of reading when i look and examine all the pictures but after the story is done i'm left with a cliff hanger fienden for another comic to read..
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o and please leave how many you buy or just bought...i am VERY interested in what you guys have to say...

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well @Grandma's Boy: it depends if the issue is to importent to the storey not to read then i will pick it up but if not it depends if i want 2 or not as for money i write lists and stick to them so i can put money back for them 

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In an average month without any mini-series/annuals/specials/trades anywhere from 40-45. Add in the other stuff and it goes to around 55-60 per month.

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Woah, I'm only around 8 a month.

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12 new release every month because my LCS give me a 33% discount at that point  I also buy olders issue, trades, asian & european comics but it vary way too much to be quantified.

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I get maybe 4 per month, sometimes 5 depending on what's out. It's really not a lot compared to some people, but it works for me. I read up a lot on characters and stories on sites like this and the other wiki, and I buy an awful lot of trades (trying to cut down on those). I prefer trades because they're better value so if you're worried about how much you're spending then it's a good idea just to wait. I honestly don't think there is a "right" amount of books you should be buying. Just buy what you like and what you can afford and if there's anything you're curious about look it up on the internet - if it sounds like something you'd be interested in then go for it or wait for the trade and if not then it doesn't matter either. Quality over quantity.

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An average week for me is in the $20 range so 5-6 issues a week.
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I collect 5-6 series. I don't need to buy every book connected to a story arc.
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For just new issues, id say around 4-6 per week depending on what is coming out during that week. Sometimes i go on a back issues splurge and get 5-10 back issues. so i guess it varies.

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I only buy TPB

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I've had to really cut back, so currently I'm only collecting Marvel but I get:

  • The Amazing Spider-Man
  • Web of Spider-Man
  • Peter Parker
  • Avengers
  • New Avengers
  • Secret Avengers
  • Avengers Academy
  • Young Allies
  • Incredible Hulk
  • Hulk
  • Invincible Iron Man
  • Daredevil
  • Thor
  • Shadowland + Tie-Ins(Limited)
  • Astonishing Spider-Man/Wolverine(Limited)
  • Avengers Prime(Limited)
  • Heroic Age(Limited)
  • Fantastic Four
And then various titles that I feel like I should snag. I used to collect titles from DC and Image, but my funding maybe be cut them out as well as some Marvel Titles.
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I used to only spend $20 a week, but due to crap creative teams, I've dropped a ton of stuff.

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over 20 new comics a month BUT I read a lot of old stuff, trades and back-issues and the like...if I was caught up on all of that I might read more new stuff

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The current titles I am reading right now are:

I also plan on reading Shadowland when I can.  Aside from those few titles, I mainly reread back issues or trades from nearly 3,000 comic books I have in my collection.  I'm reading fun titles like The 7 Guys of Justice, Excalibur, and Giantkiller right now, but I cycle through BUNCHES of comics.  I just got done reading Captain Nauticus and the Ocean Force #1 last night.  I'd say that I read about 30 comics a week.  I also try to update Comic Vine as I reread my old titles.
If you just like reading comics to see the various styles, I suggest the bargain bins at your local shop.  Most places have $1 or less boxes, and most owners will cut you an even better deal if you buy bulk.  If that's not an option, I definitely recommend picking up trade paperback collections.  The comic shops will have a lot, but if you don't have access to that, check out other stores like Barnes & Nobles, Borders, etc.  They usually have WALLS of comic books.
As long as you can still be a functioning, productive member of society, I don't see the harm in reading as many comics as you want!  Just make sure to have fun reading!
A genuine comicholic,
~  Aerock P.
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Where to begin for me.....
Maybe something new (when released) and maybe one or two back issues (by  weeks/months/years/decades) on a daily basis.
At a comic book convention....it's like letting a dog off a leash. THIS WONDER CON I bought like 20 comics (which was my limit that I was trying to reach)
Free Comic Book Day (other than getting 4 free comics) mostly buying 3 or 4 more
(with my comic book box getting nearly full I might have to either stop buying more comics or sell/give some to my friends/cousins/strangers.)

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Currently i'm buying a little over 50 titles

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Around 3-6 per week? Makes that 24 at least :P

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My usual buys are Earth 2, The Flash, Green Arrow, Savage Hawkman, Deathstroke, Stormwatch, and Demon Knights. Sometimes I will buy back issues. I read 1 comic book a night. Since my comic books don't come out all at the same time, it depends on how often I go on how many books I buy at one time.

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Was buying 12+ issues a month on Comixology. Looked long and hard at my budget and decided to stop. Now I'm just subscribing to Marvel's digital unlimited service - the Netflix for comics.