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Myself I have been a comic fan all my life. I started reading comics as a kid buying the big bundle comics from the shop. Since I live Scotland where I live a only selt bundle comics. I stopped reading from the age of 12 to 16. From 16 to 17 I started up again but stopped again due to exams. I started getting heavily back into comics when I was 18 and since then its been awesome. So long story short off and off again till I was 18 and for the last five years not stopped since.

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I started to get into Spider-Man during summer of 2007 (had nothing to do with the Spider-Man 3 movie, I only saw commercials) but didn't start really reading until that fall.

So almost six years.

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A year after a few years break.

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About three years. I had read some comics before then, but not religiously, like I do now.

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Off and on since1983.

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About 4 or 5 months consistently.

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Starting in about 03, got serious in 06.

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5 months.

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Well Justice League is at issue 22 plus the 0 issue so...23 months now.

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Since I could read pretty much. On a serious level though, like 2005

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Some 30 + years = all my life.

Started well before I could read, just looking at the pictures. Read my first super hero comic at the age of 4 - Superman Attack of the Human Comet. Got introduced to X-Men and stuck to Marvel. Made many pauses through the years (might have gone 5 years when I never bothered with the company) but always found my way back to Marvel, now easier than ever thanks to internet.

I do mostly read Swedish comics, titles Im sure a very few people on the Vine ever heard of but Marvel is and will always be my "guilty pleasure", something I never outgrow.

So your Scottish? Just got home from Edinburgh and it has to be the most beautiful city Ive seen next to Venice. Too bad I only understood like 70% of your "english" ;)

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Since the 80s. I learned how to read in kindergarten from the "Super Dictionary" DC comics put out.

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around 20 years or so...I started Marvel right before the Clone Saga but I had been reading Archie's TMNT Adventures for a while before that plus the odd book here and there

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10 months. Got into comics after watching the Avengers movie, and the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes show.

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Almost 2 years.

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Since Jan. 2013

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I started FCBD May 2012. 1 year and 3 months.

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About 2-3 years ago, I read before, but not as much as now.

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@hel: Your from Sweden ? Yeah our English is very different from the rest of britan. I have a freind from Estonia, when he first moved over here he had no idea what anyone from our college class was saying :P

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I started reading seriously around the time Blackest Night (2009) came out in DC. By seriously, I mean actually going to a LCS, making a pull list and reading copious amounts of back issues and trades to get as much info on characters I found interesting as possible.

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I read my first comic when I eleven and started getting them mailed to me soon after. So I guess that would be twelve years now.

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@z3ro180:Jeez man look in the Thor forum. We were talking booze all night long ;)

Anyways scottish is pretty much incomprehensible for anyone non Scottish but its .. there and beautiful it is ;)

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@hel: Dude If someone says ''FREE MEAD'' I'm not going to remember a flipping thing. My head still hurt from that forum :P

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No Im on it again - we do that ya know ;)

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I've been a fan of Marvel and DC characters since 2003, but it wasn't until 2010 that I started reading for real. And it took a while after that to expand my reading beyond the big two.

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Since 1984, I currently have over 6,000 comics.

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Can't remember I started in 08 but I really started getting into them 2010 when I was in 8th grade Im 15 now :P

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Started in 2008 after seeing Iron Man. I had picked up a few comics here and there, but I got more serious after the film.

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@z3ro180: Yea I have boxes all over the place. I lost count after 6,000

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started reading in elementary, nothing major then middle school i really got into it and well so most of my life. Well from the 16 years, i say around 13 just comics.

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about 8-10 months, thanks to "The Killing Joke" and TDK trilogy. Started to seriously read the New 52 and never stopped from there, finding a bunch of Marvel comics and pre New 52 comics

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If you count manga

hmm bout 10 maybe 8 years

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Since I was a kid, but I didn't start reading seriously and consider myself a comic fan until about 2007. About 5+ years now.

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Dunno...as a kid, I was into like Astérix, Tin-tin and things like Mickey Mouse comics...

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Superhero comics for about 7 years. Overall comics for as long as I can remember. Garfield, Asterix, the Smurfs! I just couldn't stop.

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i've been reading comicbooks as long as i can think back. it all started with superman, batman and spider-man. many years ago i've read the german reprints, till 5 years ago, i discovered how bad they where translated sometimes, till then i'm reading the originals in english, mostly dc. why? cause dc rocks.:D

comicbooks not only fullfill my life with pure joy and happiness and fluffy feelings of rainbows, no they also brought me and my girlfriend, two years ago together. all because of deadpool.

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About 8-9 years.

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Over 6 years now as I started to seriously get into comics in early 2007.

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Almost a year starting with the release of Marvel Now. I had read some comics in trade and always watched the cartoons just didn't start collecting until recently.

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Disney comics since I was kid.

Manga for about 6 years, maybe more.

Comics (mostly DC) for about 4 years now.

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@z3ro180: I know the pain of bundles/reprint british comics... When I found an American/new comic on holidays as a kid, I thought I'd found gold :P

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@maccyd: I know when your a kid it's like the freaking holy grail. I still have a few they are like 18 years old now and a few spiderman one that are about 8 to 10 years old.

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I read them as a kid in the 80's when I was 12-13 and stopped until my boy turned 5 2 yrs ago and now I have @ 1000. I'm currently pulling @30 monthlies and also reading Geoff Johns entire GL run in trades. Just started the Sinestro War and its awesome.

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Around a year, found Sinestro Corps War in a Library and have been reading comics ever since

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I started to get into Spider-Man during summer of 2007 (had nothing to do with the Spider-Man 3 movie, I only saw commercials) but didn't start really reading until that fall.

So almost six years.


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about 4 months.. i knew alot about the characters alredi just never had comics then

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25 years and counting