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So i read Batman RIP for the first time about 2 weeks ago and i was contemplating if it was to early to re read the book to see if it is as good (i read it a 4 in the morning in one sitting so i might have some confusion due to that) and if some of the more confusing stuff was that insane.

So how long should you wait before re reading a trade, either just re reading your favorite story over and over till it might become less enjoyable to you, or reading a story you did not like or fully understand, in order to see if it improves.

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I just do it whenever I feel like it. Typically a year, although I reread all of Snyder's N52 Batman each time a new trade comes out which is an awesome practice.

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Usually about 6 months to a year

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Whenever I feel the need to.

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I don't know, when I want to I guess.

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Usually never....... I must really like a comic to reread it.

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whenever i feel like it, no specific time limit

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@silverpool: I did the same thing when i got the city of owls trade and death of the family, your right it really elevates the story.

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Just whenever I feel like it. If it's a good story, like The Dark Phoenix Saga, then I end up enjoying it even more the second time.

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I don't have a set time when I read my comic books again, but I find that by rereading them I pick things up or understand the stories better than the first time I read them.

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When I have time and become curious about something I might have missed, or another character I might want to know better. I am in the midst of The Children's Crusade again and also went through some older Thor TPBs and it's always more enjoyable the second, third (or fourth) time around.

Classics from the Silver Age are especially fun to re-visit.

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Never. I never retread comics, books, rewatch movies, or replay video games. If I've forgotten it, it wasn't important to begin with.

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Whenever I feel like picking up the book again. Typically about a year. The most I've read a book over is three times, for Final Crisis.