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Them being Heidi and Spencer from the hills. For thoses in the USA that don't know these two blights on humanity are on Celebrity Big Brother and the public has dubbed them speidi. Spencer's is just an unlike able ass wipe and Heidi is just a FU£&/NG moron. Rounding up I would rather give myself a stage 5 concussion by banging my head agents a steel wall than sit next to them on a train and listen to them.

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I didn't even know they were still relevant. 

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I have no idea who they are ,what the hills is and Celebrity big brother is so they can't possibly be that important.

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If I didn't have an internship at one of the big gossip shows (TMZ, Access Hollywood, Extra, Entertainment Tonight.......not saying which one) I would have never heard about those people. Still can't wrap my head around how they were ever relevant or why people care about them

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@Immortal777 your right its not that important these two people are from. Show in the states and the people over here payed them to come over from the USA to the UK to basically to be on show that is set in a house with other people and they aren't the nicest of people......just realised tele in the UK is at an all new low :/

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@The Stegman said:

I didn't even know they were still relevant.
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why care about it or watch any of that stuff?

either way, wrong forum

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Their 15 minutes of fame is over. Long time.

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Realty show people?

Doesn't matter what country it is. They'll all annoying.