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Poll: How do you prefer to see Godzilla? (19 votes)

Hero- Protector of mankind, fights off aliens and monsters, saves children, etc. 16%
Villain- Burns down cities, claims thousands of lives, very angry and violent, hates mankind etc. 16%
Antihero- Protects Earth but hates mankind, saves mankind unintentionally while saving Earth. 42%
Just an animal- No intelligence or morals, just goes off instinct, Earth is his turf. 26%

Over the years Godzilla has been depicted in many different ways. In general, do you like a villainous, heroic, anti heroic, or mindless Godzilla?

I prefer him as a villain. There's just something awesome about a revenge seeking monster on a quest to destroy mankind.

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Godzilla should always be wrecking buildings with people fearing him like an incoming disaster.

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Like the Hulk: Is there something really powerful, ruthless, and evil around? WAKE UP GODZILLA/HULK! There isn't? MONSTERS, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES AAAAAAH THEY'RE MORE FRIGHTENING THAN NATURAL DISASTERS!

... It suddenly occurs to me I'd really like to see Godzilla and Hulk square off in a fight...

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Godzilla isnt really any of those things. He's above them but if i have to put a label on it "anti-hero" would be the closest.

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Anti-hero, but should possibly sympathize with some humans, maybe kids!

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Anti-hero, but should possibly sympathize with some humans, maybe kids!

yeah, i wouldn't mind this occasionally.

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He should be no more intelligent then an animal, but powerful enough to be an unstoppable force of nature.

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Good thread, tough choices, went with animal mode