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G-Man does it and I would like to know how to do it to so help please. >_>
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Someone may have an easier answer. Basically you have to copy the code for imaging. I think I first got it from Magestic's or Booster Gold's page. There's two places to copy in the text. The first one is the destination. So I put in the url there for the page in question. The second is the property of the image. Right click and copy that url text. Be sure to change the image from 400 to 150. At the end you can put in a caption. I put in the title and date. It's all html stuff which isn't my area of expertese. As I said, just go to a character page with an image box, hit edit and just check it out. It might take a little playing around with to get it. Lord knows I had some funny pages that I had to re-edit a couple times.

Maybe someone else can better summarize all this.

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The secret/magic image code came from the Beta Ray Bill page originally.

Quote my post so you can see the code. Change the word "left" to "right" to align it on the right of the page instead of the left. Other than that all you need to look at is the image address. Put yours (if its from a gallery on the site you shouldnt have to change anything) in place of the first one there and put "150" in place of "400" on the second one. Don't forget to change the "Beta Ray Bill claims Mjolnir as his own!" part. That's what goes under the picture.

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Post Deleted.

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Lets see what that does

AWESOME it worked Hooray for photo bucket thanks for all your help Buckshot and G-man.
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What have you done? Now I have to make one for Majestic.

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I just went to Photobucket upload a image and there was a box that said HTML link and copy and pasted it here. There you go.

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I thought you wanted the smaller boxes like G-Man has? If you just want the image as-is all you need is the normal image address.

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