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Was I the only person bothered by how pathetic Bruce Wayne and Batman was in the Dark Knight Trilogy, and am I the only person upset and hurt that it is evident he is going to do the very same thing with Superman? Was not Bruce Wayne supposed to be a genius without compare and many steps ahead of everyone? Didn't he build his own gear, bench 600lbs casually and never quit no matter what? Does the fact that Nolans movies were otherwise so well made that is negated the pansy and cowardly lead character portrayal? Bales Batman was the only sissy version of Batman I have ever come across who struggled with some really simple things. Fought Bane 1v1 with no style or class, no gadgets and just raw brute wild strength with no technique what so ever? Is this not immensely sad? Gosh, all three movies were so well made and I loved them for their artistic value but the humanization of the Batman character for the sake of relating to the current generation is actually a offensive. Nolan has said many times it reflects the current gen and it was made this way to make him relateable . That is a HUGE insult to anyone with a brain, as it means Batman, a comic fantasy character hero that people looked up to and revered as great was toned down to you neighbors level. That is NEEDED to be this way because everyone is too stupid to relate to versions like that from the 90s toon or the justice league unlimited, or really any comic version where batman was just so cool in every way.

It bothers me that Nolan made Supermans outfit scaled looking and textured so poorly. Isn't this a bad sign that he really could care less for the character ( well of course, he did that to Batman but at least the suit wasn't this bad )? People are cool with the poor costume that looks like Legolas from Lord of the Rings wrote it, and that Nolan wants no trace of nostalgia in this movie at all? Can anyone hum the theme to The Dark Knight or Rises that Zimmern wrote? Were those scores anywhere near as good as John Williams' Superman the Movie? No. So why be so disrespectful to something so many millions of people associate with Superman? Why strip the movie of the Williams theme? How many versions and re-imaginings of Superman do we really need, I am REALLY TIRED of this. Joss Whedon made the Avengers and did not stray from any of the characters backgrounds, there were NO REIMAGININGS and yet the movie was still great. So, what is the point of doing it "Nolans way" which is so "anti comic book fans". He has no respect for anything we love and cherish lol, so why do so many people support him?

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Not the Director We Deserve, But the Director We Need

Either he dies as a hero or live long enough to be a villain

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I cant comment on Superman because I havent seen Man of Steel yet, lol

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nolans batman was pathetic but the joker was awesome. bane and ras meh.

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^ I agree with that.

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Tell him not us

Nolan dosen't have a ComicVine account

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Nolan made it clear many times he doesn't care at all what any fans think, its his way or the high way.

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Look, I like what he did with Batman. After what Burton did... It's what the franchise needed. People wouldn't take comicbook Batman seriously if you turned his world into over the top Sin City world or over the top Watchmen world. If he's always ahead and always great then he's boring and not relatable. Sorry.

As for Man of Steel, I haven't seen the movie yet, but I would like to see the same thing. My favorite versions of Superman were the ones in the Bruce Timm cartoon and John Byrne books. That should tell you I'm more interested in Superman's character than his powers. Who cares if he doesn't win all the time other than fanboys? If he wins all the time, then you don't have any real emotional investment when he faces a challenge. You know what will happen. Furthermore, if you make him silver age strong or as perfect as he was in Allstar, he doesn't need a team. And we all know things are leading to a Justice League movie.

I know my response will get fanboy hate. Whatevs. Sorry for liking my depictions of Batman and Superman in a way different for yours. I'm sorry for not liking BatGod and SuperGod. I'll go hurt myself.

@P0rtal said:

Nolan made it clear many times he doesn't care at all what any fans think, its his way or the high way.

I'm not a Nolan fanboy, but I call BS. Did you watch TDKR? That movie had nothing but Easter Eggs for fans. I thought that was one of the issues with the movie.

@PurpleCandy said:

Tell him not us

Nolan dosen't have a ComicVine account


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@P0rtal: so you want 100% fan service with no story, got it.

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I could honestly care less about Superman on the average day, and I care even less about any movie version, however I loved what Nolan did with Batman. Being a genius is one thing, but never having problems, realistic problems, is a terrible way to write the character. Even comics have Bruce acknowledging his limitations, and I specifically remember that leading up to Knightfall Bruce was noted to be exhausted and off his game. Having him be out of action for so long was a good way to adapt that for the screen.