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I was reading Danger Girl Trinity yesterday somewhat by mistake. I am pretty bad at telling what series are coming out, but luckily I am well known enough to my LCS that they put away things for me in my pull list which I don’t ask for but which they know that I would want. The format of the series is not a very different one, but still not exactly what is typical. The series is being told from three points of view, including three different artists – one for each of the Danger Girls. Generally speaking when it comes to comics for me it is story and writing first and art second, but in this case I found a bit of a disconnect in terms of attention to the characters as the art style changed.

Usually this is noticeable to me only if I see a character go from one artist to another within successive issues. There are those that are more concerned with art than I am though, so I was wondering if anyone actually finds this bothersome or alternately that it actually improves the storytelling? For me it would seem to do a little of both. As there are three separate stories the change in art style between them helps to distinguish them, but equally it also does feel like a solid break from the stuff that came before inside the same issue. This is even compounded a bit more because the artist that created the characters got one segment and others artists got the others. This can even make the other two part seem alien and unfamiliar as the characters look just a little bit different than usual. Personally I suppose that I would prefer some artistic continuity except in the cases of series like 52 where it makes sense not to have it.

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I don't mind art changes if they aren't too major. And even if they are, I don't mind if its interesting and brings something fresh to the table. If its a needless change and a decrease in quality, then nothing short of problems with the artists themselves would be acceptable.

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It depends on the book. For one like you described, I wouldn't mind the change. Sure, it's a gimmick, but it doesn't bother me all that much. The only one I would be actively disappointed about seeing would be the second image, because that art is bad. Bad, bad, bad.

What's up with you and scantily-clad-lady comics, anyway?

EDIT: To give some examples of when artist changes make me sad, take a look at The Walking Dead and Batwoman. I was heartbroken when TWD's original artist signed off after the first three trades, and I'm not a huge fan of anyone but J.H. Williams III drawing Batwoman.

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It depends. It can be done well, like they can have artists collaborate or use similar styles, and it can be done artistically, like a different artist for a different narrator/protagonist or a different dimension, scene, etc. But usually it's just distracting.

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@end_boss said:

What's up with you and scantily-clad-lady comics, anyway?

There is another kind? Actually Danger Girls wear what I think are reasonable clothes considering their occupations.

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@razzatazz: Snakeskin pants with lace-up crotches and hips and a black leather bra are not reasonable under any circumstances.

Okay some.

But not a lot.

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@end_boss: I always forget that Sonya is a member of the team now. Let me say then that Abbey's and Sydney's clothing choices are reasonable. Except a white t-shirt is going to get dirty quite easily.