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How do you add new characters to the site? Lady Death has been suggested by a forum poster before but still doesn't exist on the site.

I thought I'd create it and put in a few details but can't figure out how.

No, I don't mean Lady Deathstrike or Lady Death from Crossgen. I mean Brian Pullido's Lady Death from Chaos Comics/Avatar Press. :)

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Ok never mind. I found it. LOL.

This forum could use an obvious search facility.

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Heh. I'm talking to myself again.

Had to double check this but after Chaos went bust, they sold Lady Death to Crossgen. But then within a year Crossgen went bust too. So I'm guessing the current Lady Death entry is correct in a sense.

Since you can't seem to change the publisher associated with a character, I'll try creating new one. I don't quite get where the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang entry came from either. Not sure she was actually in that.