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Amalgam Universe is my favorite event in comic history, but lets be honest some characters where combine that should not have been and some where over use. If the two company were to bring it back who do you think should be combine. here are my picks

Amazon- wonder woman/storm( this one made sense) or Ms.Wonder- wonder woman/ms.marvel

Ironbat- batman/iron man

supersolider- superman/captain america( made sense)

Donna Grey- donna troy/ jean grey or Ms.Troy- donna/ ms.marvel

nightclops- nightwing/ cyclops

the witch- scarlet witch/ zatanna

beast- beast boy/beast

Talia Frost- Emma frost/ Talia alghul

Thanossied- thanos/ darksied

doctor luthor- victor/ lex

Ra's Magnus- ra's/ magneto

the goddess- circe/ enchantress

God's right hand- Spectre/ Living tribunal

doctor strangefate- doctor strange/ doctor fate( made sense)

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i know i made it before but i accidentally deleted.

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Amazon-Wonder Woman/Storm

American Bat- Captain America/Batman

Red Winter- Jason Todd/Bucky Barnes

Red Skull - Red Skull/Vandal Savage

General Fury -Nick Fury/Frank Rock

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Super Iron (Superman/Iron Man)

Devil-Bat (Batman/Daredevil)

Thunder Woman (Wonder Woman/Thor)

Gamma Lantern (Green Lantern/Hulk)

Captain Aqua (Aquaman/Captain America)

Spider-Flash (Flash [Barry]/Spider-man)

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Idk I think they did a pretty good job using the main combos that people were looking for. Only thing I didn't like is that most of them just came out looking like generic knockoff toys of Marvel and DC. (Hulk & Martain Manhunter) Daken & Robin..