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I want to start a comic book collection, but I got a few problems.

1. What do I need to protect my comic books?

2. What are some great comic book series?

3. Who much is this going to cost me?


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Try to get some longboxes, plastic covers and cardboard backs. And as for series, any one that you feel fit to start with is where you should begin.

And as for price, just do a quick google and you should be fine.

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start with your favorite character, thats what i did. and follow this ^^^^ advice.

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1. Superguy0009e is spot on as far as what you need to take care of your comics. Personally I get short boxes, you can't fit as many comics in a shortbox but their a bit easier for me to move around and store. There are different sizes of bags and boards to fit different comic sizes since the size of comics has varied a little bit over time. I tend to go with silverage bags and boards because they fit current comics and most older things I'll pick up too.

2. This is going to depend on what your reasoning for collecting comics is. If your collecting comics simply out of interest in great stories, then basically whatever you enjoy. If your collecting comics as an investment then things are a bit different. 1st issues, 1st apperances, and big changes are what you'll want to look for. I collect just because I enjoy comics. Although If I find a great deal on something that normally wouldn't interest me sometimes I'll pick it up and try to sell it down the line.

3. 100 bags, 100 boards, one box...Around $30 or so. After that it really depends on what books your looking at Actions Comics #1($1,000,000+) or 99.99% of comics from the 90's($1).

I recently found and purchased something that my benefit you. The Overstreet Guide to Collecting Comics.

This book is not necessary by any means but If your completely new to comics you may find it useful.

Good luck with the collection!

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Guys, this is an ad. He doesn't actually give a shit about comics.

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"A crummy commercial?? Son of a @$#&!"

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@end_boss said:


Guys, this is an ad. He doesn't actually give a shit about comics.