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I want to get into the longer running superhero comics, and dont know how to go about it. Admittedly, im a bit of a noob to comics, only currently reading "locke and key" and "the walking dead". can anyone help me out?

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What characters or teams do you think you would like? Maybe try some of them out and see if you like them?

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5 options:

1: Just jump in.

2: Find a recent point in the series that has been advertised as a starting point

3: Wait until previously mentioned starting point happens

4: Buy the volumes

5: Just try and read it from the beginning, issue by issue

6: If you're really desperate and morally cool with it (I'm not, really) get the previous issues illegally online.

EDIT: 7: Use the internet (Wikipedia/Wikia/Comicvine) to catch up on details and find who's who and what's what (thanks, MaccyD).

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I say just jump right in. The first page recap will bring you up to speed on anything you need to know.

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Find the beginning of a story a4c jump in.be a lil confused for the 1st couple issues then love it and never look back

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ya just jump in. buy digital back issues if you are lost

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Jump in, you can always use sites like this one to clarify anything you're confused about.

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i would say the easiest way is to buy the digital comics if you dont mind not having the print or buy the trades. you can do that until you are caught up and then buy print or continue with what you were doing. May I recommend Scot Snyder Batman.

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Pick characters and teams that you like. You can ask us what are the best jumping points are for those series or you could just pick up the latest issue. It won't take long for you to figure out what's going on.

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The best thing about jumping into a long-running series is the joy of discovery. You have all the wonderful back-history to unravel, and your enjoyment of the current issues increases as you start to understand what happened in the past and see the way creators integrate and change characters in the present.

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Play soccer(or football), it can help build your cardiovascular endurance to keep up with the long running comics.

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Just get Valiant

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Just get Valiant

He would miss out on many great comics and stories if he did that.

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I think the best advice I've ever heard on this topic is to just jump right in where ever and whenever you want. Comic continuity is extremely meticulously documented so if there's something you don't understand or someone you don't know who is you can just look it up. And if you don't care about it enough to do that, than that particular book clearly isn't the one for you.

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@irishx said:

@i_like_swords said:

Just get Valiant

He would miss out on many great comics and stories if he did that.

I'll rephrase: Make sure you have atleast one Valiant book on your list

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@josephstalin: Jump in when a new story arc starts. I used to drive myself crazy trying to buy back issues, but honestly now I'm fine with jumping in on a comic series if something got a really good review. But if you have to, buy the paperback trades to catch up. If you're short on money you can always read digital.

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Personally, I like to start when a particular writer starts a run. It's generally much easier to understand. If he/she references something from a past issue from another writer, they usually do a much better job giving you a proper recap. I'm not going to just "jump in" and start paying $4 a month on a story that is already halfway done. Works for some people maybe, but not me.

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@maccyd: Good point, I'm editing that in.