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I understand that Daleks can kill, but they don't have any hands. How do they build those huge ships they fly around in? The only logical conclusion I can come up with is they have a huge slave population of humanoids that work for them, since I doubt anyone would willingly work for them. They must also hold classes in technology, otherwise the humanoids would'nt have a clue a how to build such incredible stuff like spaceships.

Bottom line, there is no way, no logical WAY the Daleks should have all the resources they have without ANYONE other than them to build it. I do not think Dr Show has ever addressed that.

Dalek Strategist

What do you all say?

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You don't have a blow torch for a hand how could humanity ever weld metals together!

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No but we can manipulate stuff quite well, which allows to make them anyway. Daleks from what I have seen, don't have anything capable or manipulating stuff well enough to even grasp a ball.