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When I first stopped into this site, I was amazed by the clear and near complete covers of various titles. I mean, the covers look like the comics are still in great condition, and you guys managed to get even issues from before the '70s. How did you guys do it?

I did however notice that certain issues from Marvel's Advengers were missing issues between #50 to #60 (I think). And I have one of those missing issues, however, the condition of the comic is bad. It is slightly torn and 'rusted' from age, should I scan it and add it here?

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Any cover is better then no cover so by all means add the issue! We're actually missing quite a lot of covers, so I'm glad we made a good first impression.

A lot of the time high quality images of specific issues can be found elsewhere on the web as well. I'd run a quick google before you go to the trouble of making a scan. Just make sure that any images you find or scan are over 400 pixels in width.

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