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This is just a small story that I want to share with you because it's kind of a neat story.

A good friend of mine who is a year younger has been going through a lot in recent years and unfortunatly had turned to drugs. I've been friends with him for ages and our families have been friends for just as long, but he went off to college and just fell out of contact for about seven moths until I got a call from him saying he saw a few posts on Facebook about comics and he was interested in this Red Arrow character. He didn't have to say another word. I mailed him my prized comics of Nightwing and the teen titans that deal with Roy and showing how his friends were still tere for him and supported him, and I knew he, I'll call him H, got the message. We started having conversations about comics with the subtle undertones of what's really going on with him.

H finally opened up to me about everything about a month ago and thanked me for everything. He's now seeking help and is doing a lot better, and I really do have comics to thank for giving us a way to communicate in a way that was comfortable for him.

Just a little something I thought is share.
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It's great that comic books were able to help your friend like that, but you have to give yourself some credit also! I think the fact that you mailed him those prize comics straight away says a lot about how unselfish and what a good person and friend you are. So as much as those comics helped in giving you guys something to talk about and a way to build up trust between you both, I think you did the most work in helping your friend get the support he needed. I'm glad to hear your friend is doing better. Thanks for the story, keep being awesome!

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Well that's a nice story. Glad to hear things turned out well, hope H stays good. :)

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Glad ta hear things worked out. Good story.

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That is great news.

Thanks for sharing.

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This is a really touching story all around. Thank you for opening up and sharing. I've come to appreciate Roy a lot and I really hope DC capitalizes on the opportunity they have to address tough issues like substance abuse with stories like his. It's awesome to see the effect they've already managed to have; and the power of any artistic medium that transcends entertainment and actually changes lives.

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Beautiful story.

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I just realized how I really should type slower and recheck what I type. But thanks for the responses :)

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Made my day (:

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And that's for the people who say comics are a waste of time!

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:

And that's for the people who say comics are a waste of time!

You know what else is a waste of time?


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Well I'm glad he's doing better and give yourself some credit too. It was really selfless to offer someone your stuff over a Facebook status.

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Honestly, I need really thought about it other than he's like a brother to me and we grew up together. Not helping him was something just honestly never entered my mind. I'm horrible at talking to people though, but I'm a good listener. Comic books were there for me when I was little since I didn't have very many role models, and being able to communicate through it was, again, an interesting thing. I've talked to people trough books or movies before, hey not comics? Many are done well and deal with issues people can relate to, even if in mega-human form.

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That's an awesome story. Comic books can sometimes be very uplifting. :)

You did a great job yourself, son. Be proud.