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In Avengers Vs X-men #12 Hope summers origin is some what told by tony stark but " solely on Conjecture"


like we all know Wanda is the reason why hope was born. Clearly there is some connection between Wanda's chaos/Chthonic power using the Life Force, and the Phoenix Force, to create the birth of Hope in Alaska.

The phoenix Force is life and death and the time Hope was born Wanda still had The Life Force (power or entity) within in

So Wanda and the Phoenix Force "Maybe Jean" are the reasons for Hopes Birth, like "God the holy spirt " being the reason for jesus christ birth or in star wars The force being the reason for Anakin Skywalkers birth.

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interesting thought.

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well wanda had the life force the whole time up till childrens crusade and when hope was born

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@GambitXRemy: i think hope isnt human at all, i think shes just the phoenix force posing as a human like when jean first took on the phoenix,,,,,,,,

and its creepy that hope said (in avx12): "Here me avengers and x-men, no longer am i the women you know"........didnt jean say something like that when she went dark phoenix which wasnt her but the phoenix force posing as here

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but hope was born from a women kinda like mary who gave birth to jesus

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Hope is the result of mystic and cosmic juices mixing together? Makes sense...

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thats what im gathering