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Can these two Cosmic level warriors honestly give the Silver Surfer some trouble in a battle? The Surfer has a butt load of feats some that makes no sense whatsoever, but still some awesome feats as well. But I watched the Janemba movie and at his weakest Janemba raised his power and Goku honestly said the guy could destroy the whole universe, and it was again explained that his very existance was causing a destruction in the universe. I'm gonna take Goku's word for it the same as people in Marvel/DC saying someone can do this feat with the power they have. Super Buuhan was causing a collaspe of the very fabric of reality wall by wall by using his anger alone, which caused him to be labled a universe buster as well. Even if they would lose could they cause some trouble for the surfer if they attack him at the same time?

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Also looking at janemba's sword it looked as if it were cutting through reality itself, and anything that gets in the way of the swing will be cut no matter what the substance, even Liquid was cut by this weapon. Janemba's Portals seem to be trouble for anyone who isn't anticipating where they may open up which could be anywhere. I also noticed that when he caused himself to go Nuke he caused some of the surrounding orbs he created to expload as well, this makes me onder what if he inclosed a galaxy or an opponent in one and simply caused it to go boom what would happen. To me these are two of the most powerful cosmic level entities in the Z universe with an outright chance to cause some trouble for an unsuspecting Herald of Galactus. Also if Crossover rules apply they should be some serious trouble for him. I just want to know your unbias oppinions. Also no Power stealing for Mr. Surfer.

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Janemba janemba,but seriously is ss that strong?janemba would win simply because he creates stronger clones and buu would absorb the surfer in a sneaky way soooooooooooooo yeah.