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I've always wanted to have clarification on what HOM Wanda is/can do, so 1) how much more powerful is she than normal Scarlet Witch and 2) in HOM form is she only more dangerous to mutants?

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Well...  House of M Wanda, is really the same Wanda as before and after House of M.  
She basically went crazy before House of M and altered all of reality, creating the HOM universe.  While there, she didn't do much to demonstrate her power, but she obviously had all the same power that she had before...  In fact, at the end of HOM she altered reality AGAIN...  She changed things back to the way they were with one huge difference, she took away the power of nearly every mutant alive.  More than FIFTEEN MILLION mutants.  That's pretty powerful.
She went into hiding after that, but she's still the same person... She still has the same power.  Now, if you read that horrible Avengers versus X-Men series, then you  know that Wanda was just about the only thing the Phoenix Force feared... sort of...  So, that's basically pretty freaking powerful...
So, the short answer to your question is, that Wanda before, during, and after HOM had the same power... And that power level is way way up there...  I hope that helps.

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Ok Wanda always had the same powers as she did when was 1st written. The only thing that determines the strength and magnitude of her power is her own mind. 
This goes for any psionic mutant. ANY!!! 

  • Xavier
  • Magneto
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Marvel Girl
  • Storm
  • Gambit as New Son
  • Iceman
  • Franklin Richards
  • Alpha the Ultimate
ANY psionic mutant. 
Psionic powers do not mean telepathic 
psionic means to control with the mind. 
  • Magneto controls eletromagnetic fields with his mind
  • Xavier controls state of telepathy with his mind, he can control astral projections with his mind
  • Scarlet Witch can control probability with her mind
  • Marvel Girl can control telekinesis with her mind
  • Storm can control atmospheric elements with her mind
  • Gambit can control potential and kinetic energy with his mind
  • Iceman can control the atmospheric moisture with his mind 
  • Franklin can control the fabric of space and matter with his mind
  • Alpha can control the fabric of space, matter, astral projections, telekinesis and telepathy with his mind
Mutants that ARE NOT psionic: 
  • Wolverine
  • Cyclops
  • Beast
  • Colossus
  • Toad
  • Quick Silver
  • Mystique
  • Strong Guy
  • Lady Deathstrike
  • Omega Red
  • Sebastian Shaw
  • Bishop
So now that you know that Scarlet Witch's, or psionic mutants are only limited to their minds. Their minds are the key to their powers. Electromagnetism is everywhere. If Magneto's mind is able to project every corner of the universe from the point of Earth, he would be invincible and near omnipotent. Prior to HOM and after HOM, Wanda projected her entire mind wrapping itself around every possibility and will of the world. That's why her source of power is the concept of Probability.  She alters probability fields.
I hope this clears it.
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@TheSecondOpinion: @Timandm: thank you very much guys! This has always been a fuzzy area for me so the clarification is greatly appreciated :)