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Who loves heroclix!!!

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Why do these people always wander in this forum?

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@shadowknight666: It happens. I suggest we build a mote.

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@.Longshot.: OOOOOH Or maybe we could build a berlin wall type thing! That turned out well!...Oh Wait...

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@shadowknight666: I suggest we just take the RPG board... and PUSH IT somewhere else!

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@.Longshot.: LMAO, Or better yet, PUSH INTO THE NOOBS!

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@shadowknight666: Or, we could just expect people to take the slightest of glances at what the rest of the RPG board is like before starting a topic in it.


Nah! That'd just be unrealistic. :P

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@.Longshot.: Psssh What are you crazy? Expect them to read a page for FIVE Seconds!? That's Insane!

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@shadowknight666: Yep. Flagging this. Our admittedly entertaining back and forth is no reason to keep this on the front page.

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... or, it just gets moved to Gen. Discussion. That works too.

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@.Longshot.: Ah My flag button is glitched so that it ALWAYS Says I Can't flag today and to talk to a mod

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I like heroclix but more of a collection and not as a game...though i am interested how to play it even just once.

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@daviegourevitch: Just got into.the game because of no man's land. Bat belt on John Constantine for the win.
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My son just taught me how to play. He brings the enthusiasm, I bring the obscure comic factoids to flesh out the narrative. It's fun.

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Just go into it, won 2 out of 3 matches in my second tourney.

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I just got into Heroclix recently and one thing I've noticed is that the quality of the miniatures advertised on the packets are often massively different to what's actually inside the packets, I'm not saying the overall quality of heroclix figures are bad, they're decent on average but a lot of the time they look nothing like they do on the packets.

The best quality Heroclix I've got so far is probably Deathstroke from the new 52, I think the reason for this figure being so good is partially because of its rarity. Which sets are considered to be of good quality, so I'll know what to buy in the future?

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I still have my Thor and Loki 362 point duo piece lol.. It's soo OP.

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only Star Trek

the ships that is not the officers

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