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Anyone here ever play heroclix? I used to play a lot like 3 years ago, but I still have all my clix locked up in the closet.

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Locked? Keeping them safe?

I've never played and wouldn't know how. I do have a few I've been given by Metal Head. I just have some random ones out laying around like Moon Knight, the Hobgoblin, Batman, and Green Lantern.

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Looks like I've found what we're doing after the AP test. And I suppose locked was the wrong word choice.
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I play.

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As I said, I have no idea how the game works. I just think some of them are funny looking and kinda cool. Maybe my arm will get twisted some day.

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I forgot I sent you some o' those, G-Man! You totally need to break those puppies out and play!!! I haven't played Clix in years (pretty much right when they came out), though I still have all of mine in storage too. I think i have pretty much a full run of the first Marvel set, plus tons of follow-up sets and a bunch of DC ones. It's really a fun game I gotta say and some of the figures are really well done.

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I stopped playing about 3 years ago too. It was around the time when they released new packs with improved stats that basically made older sets incompatible. That and I hardly played.