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Hi there!, I'm going to began playing my first Mutants & Masterminds Adventure and our master asked us to draw our characters, i choose to play a girl with komodo (as in komodo dragon) powers, and a friend suggested that she looked like this Anole X-men character i didn't know, and i wanted to learn about him, so i'm here to ask for help to create a must read issue list. i already got the second number of new x men (2003 i think) in which he appears first, but his role is not very relevant... anyone help please?

(PD: if my grammar is weird, please have mercy!, i'm not an english speaking person XP)

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The list of issues Anole appears in is HERE. Only thing I've ever read with him in it was the short series Young X-men, I personally didn't care for the series.

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He first appears in New X-man and is shown a couple of times and he have own little story in X-men divide we stand.